The Best Feminist Halloween Costumes For 2016

by Chrissa Hardy

While 2016 has been an epic disaster overall — thanks largely in part to this election and creepy stalker clowns — it has also been an amazing year for feminism. Women are fighting back against the rampant sexism in this election, and in everyday life. So to honor our progress in the fight for gender equality, why not rock a feminist Halloween costume this year? There are several TV and movie characters as well as real life ladies who are totally killing it in their respective fields, while also standing up for women's rights. And until we get equal pay for doing the same jobs as men and rape culture is dead forever, we need all the help we can get from powerful women.

When putting together a feminist costume, it's important to accessorize properly, and to make sure you'll actually be comfortable in the outfit. Because if you're going to be someone else for an entire evening, you might as well enjoy the experience, right? And to dress as a relevant feminist icon, you need to project unwavering confidence as well. The vibe is that of a warrior queen, who refuses to take any sh**. Here are 11 feminist Halloween costumes ideas for 2016.

1. Amber Rose


Muva is all about body positivity, equal rights, and living a sex positive lifestyle. To achieve Amber's signature look, you'll need bold lips, big sunglasses, a sexy outfit that shows off your curves, and heels and a choker to top it off. Now, she's most recognizable by her blonde buzzcut, so if you're ready to take that plunge, you're already a badass. If not, you can rock a short blonde wig, slick your hair back with tight braids and gel, or be like Amber and wear any kind of wig or hairstyle you'd like. She tries new looks all the time, so you can, too.

What you'll need:

2. Ilana from Broad City

Ilana is the feminist hero we didn't know we needed until she arrived. Now the world would be utterly miserable and dull without her. Her style reflects her unapologetic love for herself, and anyone who lives their life authentically. She wears crop tops, exposed bralettes, denim shorts, sneakers or combat boots, and a rad array of hats, fanny packs, and mini backpacks. She also has short brown curls, so feel free to top the costume off with a curly brunette wig, or your own hair worn naturally — since that's how Ilana lives right.

What you'll need:

3. Daenerys Targaryen

Nobody plays the feminism game quite like the Mother of Dragons. She has lived her life in the shadows of powerful men, and is now taking over the seven kingdoms. She's a queen who doesn't shy away from regal attire, but also chooses functional pieces in case she needs to take a ride on one of her babies and burn her enemies below.

What you'll need:

4. Beyonce (Lemonade)

You didn't think I'd leave Beyonce off of a list of feminist icons, did you? This was 2016, after all — the year of Beyonce's visual album, Lemonade. The vulnerable and strong album spoke to women everywhere, and the fashion was just one of the beautiful aspects of it. The video for "Hold Up" was particularly magnificent, considering it's Bey walking around town bashing windows with a bat as she bounces back and forth between a wicked smile and a face filled with rage. She was also wearing a gorgeous mustard yellow gown, with printed blue wedges. So pair those with a bat in your hand and everyone will recognize you instantly.

What you'll need:

5. Leslie Knope

Parks and Rec might be over, but this election has given the show all new life. Leslie ran for city council up against a spoiled, wealthy businessman who had no idea what he was doing, and had no concrete plan as to how to make the town a better place. Sound familiar?

In order to perfectly showcase Leslie Knope, you'll need a comfortable pantsuit, a printed blouse, black kitten heels, wavy blond hair, and a waffle-themed accessory. It doesn't matter what it is, as long as you make her love of waffles known. Also? Have the most positive attitude ever, and you'll nail it.

What you'll need:

6. Belle

Beauty and the Beast was released from the Disney vault this year, and we got a sneak peek at the live action remake, starring Emma Watson. It was certainly an important year for the Disney fairytale, and since Belle is such a feminist hero, why not dress as Belle for Halloween? All you need is a white button-up shirt, a blue dress with matching blue hair ribbon, a white apron, black flats, and top it off by carrying a book with you all night. If you're an introvert, there could not be a better costume option, since you can just read the book instead of talking to people.

What You'll Need:

7. Marcia Clark

This was the year of Marcia Clark's long-overdue redemption. She faced a shocking amount of sexist backlash during the OJ Simpson trial, and with the FX mini series, American Crime Story: The People vs. OJ Simpson, the world finally got to see how fearlessly she fought for justice on behalf of Nicole Brown Simpson and Ron Goldman. Feel free to go with her iconic short perm as the hairstyle, but you could also rock a short brown wig that's straight, which was her post-perm look. Also, make sure you're wearing a matching skirt and blazer, carrying a briefcase, and lots of papers. And finally, make sure you look like you're made of steel, because she certainly is.

What you'll need:

8. Arya Stark

The girl with no name spent 2016 reclaiming her identity and fighting her way out of an oppressive situation in order to figure out what she really wanted in life. Ultimately, she chose to go home and be exactly who she is — which is one seriously tough warrior. This look is probably the most dressed up Arya has ever been, as she snuck around the town to get dirt on the Many Faced God's next victim. In order to complete the look, make sure you're rocking tight braided pigtails up high and twisted into little braided buns.

What you'll need:

9. Hillary Clinton

No matter what happens in this election, Hillary has been fighting for women's rights throughout her massively impressive career. She has made history, even making it this far into an election, and she should be honored as such on Halloween. Stick with a bright, solid-colored pantsuit, a flag pin, kitten heels, and a short blonde 'do. And yes, her costume looks very much like Leslie Knope's, probably because Leslie grew up having great respect for Hill, as many of us do now, and will forever.

What you'll need:

10. A Ghostbuster

Thanks to the all-female remake of Ghostbusters, I'm finally seeing non-sexist versions of the ghoul-fighting jumpsuit. And because they are functional and not tight and revealing — because how could you even bust ghosts in an outfit like that? — you'll actually be comfortable all night long. Just make sure you add the boots and fingerless gloves to the ensemble to really nail the look.

What you'll need:

11. Wonder Woman

It's about time Wonder Woman took over the superhero landscape. It took forever for us to get a solid big screen remake of Wonder Woman, and Gal Gadot taking on the role made it worth the wait. Even though the film won't hit theaters until 2017, we've already gotten a taste of how much of a badass feminist she is, so we might as well put on the dress, the headband, the boots, and the arm cuffs, while wielding her lethal sword. It'll make the wait until June 2, 2017 much more bearable.

What you'll need:

Image: HBO, Amazon, Polyvore