When Is Vine Going Down? Make Sure To Upload Before The Site Is Discontinued

Today, in a blog post on Medium, the Twitter-owned company Vine announced the news that they will be shutting down their app services. But before you freak out about when Vine is going down, know that the company promises to make all of its users aware of the changes before they're made, and they promise to keep your content protected on the company's website, even after the app is gone. They're not trying to obliterate the incredible community and library of content their creators have made, they're just trying to ween users off and cease future efforts to grow the app. But they want their loyal users to know that they will continue to communicate information regarding the shut down as it becomes available for the public — a shut down that, as of right now, is coming "in the next few months". Bustle has reached out to Twitter about an approximate date users might no more about when the discontinuation is happening, and Twitter has confirmed that the information on their Medium post is all that is available to users at this time.

Over the last three years, Vine has become a staple app on our phones and in our lives. It's launched comedians and musicians into stardom, and given millions of up-and-comming talents a platform to share their crafts and connect with others. But recently, the app has taken a back seat to some of the newer platforms like Snapchat, musical.ly, and Instagram Stories, which potentially and ultimately lead to an update from the company that is bound to let a lot of users down. The news of the shut down comes shortly after the reporting of Twitter's third quarter earnings. The company publicly stated that they would be cutting down on nine percent of their employees, and that they would be putting more of their efforts towards live streaming applications, so for some, this shut down might not be that big of a shock.


As for content that's already been published, Vine promises to keep it readily available, so you don't have to kiss your hard work goodbye. But as for the future of the company, it seems they're actually boarding things up and shutting it down officially. 'Tis the end of an era for certain, but the creativity that Vine sparked in our generation has inspired an entire movement of video production that will continue to live on through other platforms. Let's pour one out for Vine.

Images: Pexels, Giphy