Jordan Burt is Not Your Average Vine Star

One of the most popular comments on Vine has to be "this is literally me." Top Vine users like Brandon Calvillo and King Bach post videos that strive to be relatable to their viewers and can always be described as "funny because it's true." Not Jordan Burt. While some of Jordan's Vines belong to that relatable humor category, many of his most popular videos are of the bizarre characters he's created—or himself just being weird in more of a "funny because it's so random" way.

It seems that fans prefer Jordan and his alter egos in six-second spurts, as even his YouTube channel, with 14,000 subscribers mainly contains his Vines either alone or as compilations. His Vine itself is much more popular with 2.6 million followers and videos that regularly get over 100,000 likes. Jordan is also on Twitter, but he mainly uses that as a platform to talk to fans and share his Vines with his 44,000 followers. On Instagram, where he has almost 90,000 followers, his photos vary between extended versions of his Vines and photos of real Jordan as well as his characters.

Jordan's two big characters are Don and Gary, both have sort of similar, weird accents. Let's start with Don, a blind man who always gets hurt or ends up in some kind of trouble.

That Don video, posted about two weeks ago, has gotten over 120,000 likes and 70,000 revines. The one below was just posted four days ago and already has 65,000 likes.

Those should give you a pretty solid understanding of Don, now let's move on to Gary. This character is best recognized by the accent and huge glasses, and general awkward, nerdy behavior. Here's his advice on impressing girls.

Don't be surprised if stretchy pants actually catch on, as that Vine has 232,000 likes and almost 180,000 revines. The following video is even more popular (255,000 likes) and more random, but that might not be a coincidence.

You can't help but laugh out of surprise and actual amusement. Jordan has clearly caught on to something with his more unique approach to Vine. Even when he's not in character most of his videos have the same note of absurdity, like the following Vine that seems to be sponsored by Just Dance.

With 80,000 likes it's not quite as big as most of his Don and Gary videos, but still impressive. So while most of the other Vine celebrities are out there, racking their brains for their next relatable, "so true" concept, Jordan is keeping millions of followers entertained with Don, Gary and his own proudly weird self.

Image: jordankellyburt/Instagram