Benedict Cumberbatch Could Save The World According To 'Doctor Strange' Star Mads Mikkelsen

Benedict Cumberbatch is the latest actor to take on a larger-than-life Marvel superhero. And Doctor Strange, according to its publisher, is "one of the most powerful sorcerers in existence." No pressure, B. Cumb. The character is a former neurosurgeon and a master of the mystic arts. He may not soar through the sky like Superman or yield a monstrous hammer like Thor, but he's still got it going on — and then some. While resisting his former life of luxury to save the world, Strange has plenty of powers up his sleeve. However Dr. Strange star Mads Mikkelsen tells me why he's confident that if stripped of these powers, Cumberbatch could save the world, no problem.

Strange has a pretty impressive skill set. He has a mental encyclopedia of knowledge from his prior job, casts spells, wears a cloak of levitation and the eye of Agamotto, and can create "mandalas of light" for protection. In other words, you don't want to mess with him. But according to Mikkelsen, little ol' Cumberbatch could save humanity — no powers required. "I am absolutely positive he would save the world," says Mikkelsen. In fact, his power has nothing to do with physical attributes, according to the actor.

"He’s like the nicest person in the world," says Mikkelsen. "If he had those powers, he would dedicate his entire life to [saving the world]." Well, If the apocalypse approaches, now everyone knows who to call. Isn't it awesome knowing fame hasn't gone to the 40-year-old actor's head? I think fans may have themselves a Tom Hanks prodigy on their hands.

One of Strange's biggest hurdles is leaving a life of materialism for the greater good. And Mikkelsen says he's definitely let the finer things in life get the "best" and "worst" of him. "I bought a car once, it was a 1967," he says. "That’s pretty materialistic. But I do love that car. No, [I don’t regret it] at all."

Mikkelsen, who plays the chilling villain Kaecilius, gives props to Cumberbatch and his heroic character, but still had way too much fun playing evil. He says a teacher trained him with tireless practice to get his perfect, intricate hand movements down pat. The former Hannibal star has loved every minute of playing his most powerful character to date, and I don't blame him. "He’s got some skills nobody else has," Mikkelsen says with a smile.

Not everyone can be Strange or real-life Cumberbatch, after all.

Dr. Strange premieres November 4th.

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