Why Benedict Cumberbatch's 'Doctor Strange' Costume Is The Best & Worst Thing That's Ever Happened To Him

It's beyond clear that Marvel's latest film, Doctor Strange , is the MCU's strangest offering to date. The film tells the story of a gifted neurosurgeon who, after getting in a car accident and losing function in his hands, abandons his practice in the hopes of getting healed by mysticism and magic. It stars Benedict Cumberbatch as the titular doctor who must jump between the real world — New York City’s Greenwich Village — and the often psychedelic and kaleidoscopic world that lies beyond. But for Cumberbatch, who has taken on a number of impressive roles since signing on for Strange, the most jaw-dropping moment he had on set was when he was finally able to slip into the Doctor's costume — levitating cape and all. But even a costume crafted by Marvel's finest has occasional drawbacks.

Cumberbatch elaborates on the ups and downs of his costume at the Los Angeles press conference for the film, saying: "I was giddy like a child." And according to the British actor, when the film's costume designer saw Cumberbatch freaking out in his impressive getup, she remarked that he was having his own "superhero moment." And Cumberbatch agreed: "I think I am! It really was the penny drop moment for me." Can you blame him? The uniform is rather epic, complete with an ornate metal belt, a pendant necklace that can literally reverse time, and his magical cape that tosses bad guys left and right.

Cumberbatch recalls the last day of shooting in New York City, when he spotted a comic book shop near where they were filming. He and director Scott Derrickson decided to pop in, and with their phone filming the whole thing, had Cumberbatch enter in full Strange costume. He introduced himself to the owner and those shopping inside and then picked out some Doctor Strange comics. "The people there couldn't believe it was Doctor Strange," the director says of their visit.

But even a Marvel superhero costume isn't exactly perfect. Because there aren't many extra pockets in the weighty costume, Cumberbatch wasn't carrying any cash to pay for his comics. "So I offered my services. I offered to work it off or stock the shelves or something," he says. Derrickson adds: "The comic book owner said: 'That'd be fine, but you have to keep your American accent if you wanna work here.'"

It's safe to say the 40-year-old won't be working at a comic book shop on 5th Avenue any time soon, but he will be taking residency as Doctor Strange in theaters everywhere — in his outrageously cool getup — when the film hits theaters on Nov. 4.

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