Tinashe Will Be On A Remix Of A Britney Song

Light a candle at the pop music altar, for our ears are about to be blessed: just as some eagle-eyed members of the Britney Army suspected, Britney Spears and Tinashe joined forces for a remix of “Slumber Party." As Billboard confirmed with Spears’s rep, the "2 On" singer will be featured on a new version of the Glory track. According to my calculations, this remix will most certainly be a sonic fireball. And yes, I will show my work: a steam pot of a Godney song like “Slumber Party” plus the always terrific (and always smoldering) Tinashe should equal an indomitably hot remix. And I am already totally on board.

On Tuesday, Spears and Tinashe sent fans into a frenzy when they shared a photo they took together while standing in a sea of purpley-blue light, both dropping references to “Slumber Party” in the captions. The “Make Me…” pop idol followed her post up with a pic of her backup dancers in the purpley-blue room, and then followed that up with a pic she snapped with acclaimed music video director Colin Tilley in the purpley-blue room.

OK, it’s time for more math: Spears plus Tinashe plus a “Slumber Party” hashtag plus a “Slumber Party” lyric plus backup dancers plus Tilley plus atmospheric lighting in a ballroom must equal a “Slumber Party” music video, right? I mean, this wouldn’t be the first time Spears shared some set photographs only to never release the video, but I won't let that get in my head. Instead, I will just eagerly await the remix and its video.

Spears and Tinashe have yet to officially announce when this fresh rendition of "Slumber Party" will be out (it's reportedly supposed to be out within the next few weeks), but I hope it happens soon. Partly because I am impatient and I want to hear the Tinashe version of this Brit Brit track right now, but also because it’ll most likely be a great source of heat during the colder seasons. Who needs clunky outerwear when you have a piping hot piece of music, am I right?

Obviously, indeed.

Image: plumkat/tumblr