Kylie's First Holiday Surprise Is Here

Barely a week passes without Kylie Jenner dropping new products, promos, or giveaways on her fans. No one is complaining about it, though. On Thursday, Jenner announced Kylie Cosmetics' first holiday surprise, and it's a good one for fans of the brand. It seems as though she's keep with her seasonal trend and since we've all seen her #summersurprises, her fall lip kits and the Burgundy Palette, more has to be coming for the holiday season, right? While no new products have been revealed, that's not stopping Jenner from starting her holiday surprises early.

On Thursday, Jenner took to her personal Twitter to announce that her first holiday surprise is free shipping. While it's not a blanket offer with no catch, it's nonetheless exciting. Jenner is offering free domestic shipping on orders of $40 or more, and if you want a Kyshadow palette, you're already guaranteed free shipping. It definitely won't be hard to hit the threshold. For international customers, spend over $60, and you'll get the same deal. Jenner's not leaving anyone out.

While announcing a holiday surprise before Halloween has even happened may seem odd to some, you'll soon understand why. The promotion starts Friday, Oct. 28 at 10 a.m. PT — just in time for her new lip kit singles to drop — and goes all the way through the holidays. Now, you have no excuse to not get that lip kits for your friend for Christmas.

Jenner has been fairly mum about whether or not the holidays will see more new products, but if I had to guess, it's definitely a go. After all, how could Jenner not release gorgeous new shadows or killer metal matte lips for New Year's Eve?

While there are clearly more holiday surprises coming, fans are still left guessing as to what they'll be. As for now, though, fans — especially international ones — are just stoked for shipping.

Jenner has been open about knowing how her fans feel about the shipping fees at Kylie Cosmetics — hint: it's not good. Now, she's doing something about it.

Brace yourself for Oct. 28 because free shipping is coming your way over at Kylie Cosmetics, and it's sticking around. Here's hoping that if she releases new products, fans are able to snatch those babies up sans shipping as well.