When Do Kylie Cosmetics' New Single Lip Kits Come Out? It's Super Soon, Fans

Kylie Jenner is full of surprises. Usually, it's related to her hair color, but for the past year, Jenner's surprises for fans have come from her company Kylie Cosmetics. Now, she's giving them another surprise and launching new Kylie Cosmetics lip kit singles. While Jenner has already been selling single liquid lipsticks of several of her popular shades, she has now branched out into creating singles of some of her newer lip colors, and they're coming super soon. After all, once Jenner fully debuts a product, she doesn't wait long to launch them.

Kylie Cosmetics' new lip kit singles will come in shades Maliboo, Ginger, Kristen, and Kourt K. While her newest fall shades didn't quite make the cut, it seems as though Jenner may be creating singles in some of her most popular shades. Thankfully, you'll be able to snag these popular hues on Friday, Oct. 28 at 3 p.m PT.

Kristen, Ginger, and Maliboo were all part of Jenner's #SummerSurprises, and they were huge hits. All three sold out during their debut, and some have sold out multiple times since that original launch date. Their place in the collection of singles makes total sense, too. Kourt K joining them may seem odd, but the shade has remained popular, and with its deep burgundy purple shade, it's perfect for a fall lip.

So far, there's been no mention of the Jenner's latest fall lip kits like Brown Sugar or Dirty Peach being made into singles, but if I had to guess, Spice is coming soon. It has seemed to be an incredibly popular shade. Another option? Pumpkin. Both shades are not only selling well, but they're also fall and winter perfect. While they haven't happened yet, though, fans still seem pretty happy with the new four.

However, that hasn't stopped them from asking about some of the latest shades.

Apparently, the latest singles could also be fan requested. It makes total sense because Jenner has always made it known how much she listens to her fans.

Even though the fall lip kits may not be debuting just yet, the new lip kit singles are exciting for fans wanting to snag just the liquid lipstick. Knowing Jenner, though, more could definitely be on the way.

Images: Kylie Cosmetics/Instagram