Memes About Veganism For World Vegan Day

Astrid Stawiarz/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

If you weren't already excited for World Vegan day, here's something that will get you in the celebrating spirit: memes about veganism for World Vegan Day! I know veganism isn't generally something one would equate with memes, but trust me: There are some good ones out there worth appreciating, and the best day to appreciate them is none other than the day entirely devoted to the lifestyle.

These vegan memes will make you laugh out loud, and if you find you relate to them, roll your eyes. They'll also highlight the many perks of being a vegan (unlimited cookie dough batter, anyone?). What better way is there to celebrate World Vegan Day ton Nov. 1 than by checking out these memes, sharing one or two of them with all of your vegan friends, and then, of course, having an enormous and delicious vegan meal to complete your day? In my opinion, that's as good as it gets.

Take a moment to relax, have a few laughs, and really appreciate what it means to be a vegan. These memes cover it all, and there are even some cameos of adorable animals to make them all the more loveable. Nov. 1 is your day, vegans, so make sure you spend it embracing your veganism and sharing it with others.

Seriously, this wasn't supposed to be an open debate.

What's better than that?

Get with the program, America.


Meat is not the only source of protein on this planet!

After all, where do you think the animals get it from?

There better not be.

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