14 Twitter Reactions To The 'Pretty Little Liars' Cast Finger Tattoos Prove Fans Are Emotional

If you want to permanently remember something that is meaningful but fixed in time, do so with a tattoo! Pretty Little Liars is ending after seven seasons, leaving a trail of broken-hearted PLL fans. The Pretty Little Liars cast got matching finger tattoos to commorate their time on the show. The series put actors Lucy Hale, Ashley Benson, and Shay Mitchell on the pop culture map, so it makes sense that they are carrying it with them forever via ink. Both Hale and Benson posted shots of the group finger tattoos on social media. Of course, the PLL faithful erupted on Twitter. There were lots of admissions of tears, crying emojis, and genuine emotion about this sweet gesture. PLL is a special show that means a lot to both the actors and the fans

The matching tattoos are of the initials of their characters, placed on what Hale called their "Shh" fingers, which is AKA the pointer finger or the second finger on your hand, marking the significance of secrets on the show. It is a beautiful way to carry their characters with them forever and to remain connected to one another. No. Matter. What.

The PLL cast finger tattoos are super tiny and almost secretive, which is the perfect homage to the show.

This sweet gesture among colleagues and friends made PLL lovers even sadder about the end of the series and of an era.

The PLL squad also has matching rings!

Here are 14 sobbing, emotionally sincere Twitter reactions.

So many tears.

So many emotions. The show still inspires all of the feels.

You can't mess with a connected, on-the-level cast.

The cast's gesture really affected the fans and thus inspired a lot of emojis.

The tattoos are a lovely and permanent gesture and a brilliant way to connects them all for life.

It's not a good day to be a tissue.

I told you that there were a lot of tears shed over this gesture.

Fans are feeling it on a deep level.

PLL diehards are not ready to let go of the show.

So cool, right?

This fan has a point. The tattoos make the end of the show feel that much more real.

Emotions running high.

So much love.

Express it with Oprah.

The passion of PLL fans is incredibly palpable, based on these tweets. Clearly, the cast shares that depth of feeling.

Images: Lucy Hale/Instagram (2)