The 'Broad City' Soundtrack Gives You The Perfect Excuse To Revisit These Musical Moments

It might not be on TV right now, but Abbi and Ilana fans can dance to the music of the Broad City soundtrack until Season 4 premieres. The 12-track Broad City Original Series Soundtrack was released Friday on Spotify, iTunes, and Amazon, and you can even buy the vinyl edition at Urban Outfitters if you're feeling hip. The soundtrack was curated by Matt FX, the music supervisor on Broad City, and it's full of hip hop and electronic music you've probably never heard outside of Broad City, including the Comedy Central show's theme song ("Latino & Proud" by DJ Raff) and two original tracks — "Tigre" by Jarina De Marco and "Dat Gyal" by Tony Quattro.

Listening to the soundtrack is the perfect way to get into that Broad City spirit, even if you live far away from NYC. It's a super musical show, and the soundtrack does a great job capturing its laidback, multicultural vibe. Of course, the soundtrack couldn't include all of the great songs featured on Broad City. There are just way too many. While I'm glad Matt FX eschewed more popular tracks in favor of songs that are more specific to Broad City, listening to the soundtrack made me think of some of the other amazing, and occasionally more mainstream, musical moments on the show. Here are some of the most memorable songs so far.

1. "Started From The Bottom" by Drake

Comedy Central on YouTube

This fantasy montage that accompanied Abbi depositing an $8000 check is familiar to anyone who's gotten their paycheck and temporarily felt like as much of a success story as Drake.

2. “Anything’s Possible (Sweater Beats Remix)" by Kastle

Comedy Central on YouTube

The music that played when Abbi and Ilana met Hillary Clinton was perfectly momentous.

3. "Get Happy" by Harold Arlen

Comedy Central on YouTube

Abbi's Judy Garland-esque nightclub performance is one of the weirdest moments on Broad City. It's also one of my favorites.

4. "The Edge of Glory" by Lady Gaga

Comedy Central on YouTube

When Abbi comes home and finds out that her roommate's boyfriend has finally moved, she dances nude to Lady Gaga. It's glorious.

5. "Infinite Daps" by RL Grime and Bauuer

Comedy Central on YouTube

The perfect soundtrack for smoking with NYU undergrads.

6. “1977” by Ana Tijooux

Comedy Central on YouTube

As Abby and Ilana's lives unfold apart, the song is mostly much cooler than their reality.

7. "Fitzpleasure" by Alt-J

Comedy Central on YouTube

The indie rock is as perfectly weird as the show's first episode it was featured in.

Broad City 's fourth season doesn't yet have a release date, but there's definitely plenty of music to listen to in the mean time. We miss you, Abbi and Ilana, but at least you're in our headphones.

Image: Comedy Central