Destiny's Child Has An Instagram Account That Has All Of Us Wishing For A Reunion

Hang on to your hopes of a Destiny’s Child reunion, folks, because this group might be getting back together. After 10 years of solo work and various nods to their past, fans have renewed reasons to hold out for the reunion of their dreams. In late October, a Destiny's Child Instagram account was made, managed by Sony Music Entertainment, and the new account got a lot of people talking. Is a Destiny’s Child reunion happening? This new bout of publicity could mean that big things are in store for the group and their fans.

I mean, why else would a group that split up 10 years ago suddenly have a social media account to promote its past work? (So far, all the posts have been one big celebration of the group’s past hits and highlights.) Especially when you consider that Beyoncé Knowles, Kelly Rowland, and Michelle Williams performed their last performance together exactly 10 years ago this year. That seems like a momentous occasion to me, one that the group and their fans would want to celebrate to the fullest. But will they be celebrating with a reunion tour? With added publicity being brought to the group by this latest social media outpouring, it’s very possible.

However, the Instagram account isn't necessarily a sign that the group is getting back together. After all, Destiny’s Child already has a Twitter account that has been around since 2012. This latest social media move could just be a new way to interact with fans and keep the world’s enthusiasm up for this incredible group.

Still, I think there’s reason enough to hope for a reunion. With a number of icons who hit their heyday in the ‘90s coming back around for reunions and reboots (the Spice Girls, the Backstreet Boys, the Gilmore Girls), it’s definitely possible that Destiny’s Child is going to ride this revival train all the way to their own reunion. I’m just not sure that a social media account is enough to make me start holding my breath.

And there's even more reason to not stall your life waiting for a reunion. In a recent interview with Variety Latino, former Destiny's Child member, Kelly Rowland, said that a reunion is something the group never talks about: “Reuniting is something we just haven’t talked about. We talk about everything else under the sun but that.” Sadface.

I will keep crossing my fingers, though. Whatever we fans have to do to make it happen without, you know, holding our breath.