Is William The Man In Black On ‘Westworld’? This Fan Theory Is Almost Too Tempting

Westworld theories range from obsessive to silly, as most fan theories tend to be. Why do people think this show takes place on another planet? What does that accomplish? However, there's one hypothesis out there that I just don't know how to quit, no matter how much evidence pops up to the contrary. Does William turn into the Man in Black on Westworld ? His adventures with Logan could be an origin story flashback.

I'm obsessed with this theory, personally. I love the idea that "sweet" William becomes corrupted by Westworld and turns into its ultimate villain. Nice guys can't be trusted. He has already started to get seduced by the adventure in the park. The fact that he is concerned for the well-being of both Clementine and Dolores (both robots who can't be harmed) is a major red flag, in my opinion. He's buying into the game, and that's dangerous.

This theory is difficult to prove, based on the "loops" that hosts live on. Everyone wears the same clothes! It's difficult to tell whether or not all of Westworld is taking place in one timeline, both because the hosts live the same loop over and over and because some of the hosts' memories are glitching. Because of that, there is no evidence to suggest that this is the first time Dolores has escaped her narrative and run away from the barn. Dolores may have placed a gun in the barn (presumably after being visited by MIB) and run straight into William's arms. Or, she could be on two different adventures right now. When she visited Laurence's daughter and discussed the maze, it was clear that she has been there more than once. I'm not giving up on this theory yet.

Also, as of this moment, Willam and Logan have not interacted with either Teddy or Maeve, even though they've been in areas of Sweetwater that both of those hosts frequent on their morning loops. There's a different bounty hunter. Even in Mariposa Saloon, William only has scenes with Clementine — who has done Maeve's job before, according to the Delos employees. Fans have noticed that the Westworld logo is different when William arrives, as well, and that could give the whole thing away.

When William first arrived in the park, his actions also mirrored some of Teddy's signature moves. He bumped into the same quick draw that James Marsden's character does every time he gets off the train. He also picked up Dolores' can like Teddy does... and also like the Man in Black once did. This could be a clue that Teddy was introduced after William first visited the park.

Plus, there's also the fact that the Man in Black is disappointed that Dolores doesn't recognize her. They definitely have a history, and William is developing a history with her in his scenes. Add that to the fact that Logan and William's company has stock in Delos and that the Man in Black is famous for his foundation and gets whatever he wants at the park — and this Westworld theory is as strong as ever.

Images: John P. Johnson/HBO