Josh Tells Greg He’s Been Sleeping & Living With Rebecca On 'Crazy Ex-Girlfriend,' Leading To Disastrous Results

Things are heating up on Crazy Ex-Girlfriend , especially with Greg, Josh, and Rebecca. The show's core love triangle faced their newest obstacle on the second episode of the season: dealing with an awkward truth. You laugh, but things got pretty touchy the minute Greg started to reconnect with his friends. As he re-emerged from his cocoon following the wedding and his DUI, Greg seemed determined to stay in the "pink cloud" phase of his journey to total sobriety. As such, this meant trying to keep a low profile at work (despite his boss's earnest efforts to acknowledge and support him) and being honest with his friends. As Greg illuminated his core group of buddies about his legal troubles and new commitment to staying on the wagon (thanks to the rousing "Greg's Drinking Song"), a cold panic took hold of Josh. He knew he would have to tell Greg that he was not only crashing at Rebecca's, but that they were sleeping together, too.

Anyone with two eyes can see that this was going to be nothing short of a very awkward, possibly disastrous conversation. Josh is adorably daffy most of the time. Furthermore, his emotional and logical near-sightedness in certain situations means he often gets in his own way. Both of these factors make his idea to reveal that he was sleeping with Greg's ex a very badly timed decision. Monumentally awkward, you might say. It's easy to see that Josh's heart is in the right place. But revealing to Greg that he is sleeping with his ex is basically just Josh kicking Greg when he's down. Why do you have to be so honest all the time, Josh? Why?

While the news of Josh and Rebecca's casual (and very cringeworthy) relationship didn't immediately leave Greg shaken, it really took a toll of his spirits afterwards. His mysterious disappearance from a guy's night out led to Rebecca searching for him and subsequently reconciling with him on a park bench. It's good to know that even the worst news would leave Greg unwilling to relapse. But now, an awkward new dynamic has been set up between the three of them. This could lead to potentially disastrous results. Rebecca, realizing that maybe she does care for Greg, could get even weirder around Josh. Josh may permanently torpedo his friendships with Greg and Rebecca. And poor, poor Greg could possibly relapse or, even worse, retreat further into himself.

I think it's safe to say that while the damage of this moment of honesty between bros has been done, there's a lot left to develop between Rebecca, Josh, and Greg. For all of their sakes, I hope that Josh didn't do anything to permanently awkward by being honest with his best friend.

Image: Scott Everett White/The CW (2)