Where To Buy Katy Perry's Hillary Clinton Costume Last Minute If You're Still Scrambling

It's no secret that Katy Perry is a fan of Hillary Clinton. She's showed up at rallies, sported a Nasty Woman shirt, and been in numerous voting campaigns. Now she's taking her love for the presidential nominee one step further for the upcoming holiday. Perry dressed as Clinton for Halloween, and you won't believe how realistic it looked. If you're looking to recreate the costume, then you'll need a few key accessories. Thankfully, you can shop the perfect Clinton-esque items last minute, too.

Perry nails her costume ever single year. Last year she dressed up as a Flaming Hot Cheeto, complete with a snack-inspired handbag. This year she's putting the "Hill" in hilarious. With the help of a makeup team and some on-point accessories, Perry's Clinton costume was so good. She dressed in a red pantsuit and a perfectly styled wig with a drink at hand. The outfit and makeup was so well done that she looked just like presidential nominee.

Her caption read, "having a little pre party before I take office" with the hashtag #IMWITHME. She totally embodied Clinton in every single way. Just see for yourself how spot-on the look was. I bet you won't even recognize the pop star.

Even if you don't have a team of pros helping with your look, it's still easy to recreate. All you need are a few key accessories and you'll be ready for your big night. Here's everything you need to get the head to toe Clinton look.

1. Clinton Wig

Hillary Clinton Wig, $10.39, jet.com

Because you need the perfect hair, of course.

2. Red Blazer

Open-Front Blazer, $22.90, forever21.com

You can't be a presidential nominee without the perfect blazer.

3. Matching Pants

Body Sculpt Pants, $24.99, macys.com

Of course, you'll need the matching pants as well.

4. Presidential Earrings

Anne Klein Knot Clip-On Earrings, $20, macys.com

Clinton never goes anywhere without some impeccable earrings.

5. Red Lipstick

Rimmel Lasting Finish Lip Stick, $5, target.com

Don't forget the finishing touches either.

6. Pointed Shoes

Women's Poppy d'Orsay Pointed Flats, $22.99, target.com

And a great pair of shoes as well.

7. Martini Glass

Martini Glass, $11, target.com

This part is optional, but Perry seemed to think it was needed.

It doesn't get much easier than this!

Images: KatyPerry/Instagram (1), courtesy brands (7)