Katy Perry's Hillary Clinton Tweet Is A Powerful Display Of Support For The Democratic Nominee

On Tuesday night, former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton made history, becoming the first female presumptive presidential nominee for a major party. This glass ceiling-shattering moment was celebrated across social media, including celebrities chiming in. Of all the tweets and Instagram posts on the subject, none struck a chord with me quite like Katy Perry's tweet about Clinton. Perry's been a vocal supporter of the campaign since the beginning, but this may be her most powerful post yet. The 31-year-old wrote,

A lot of little girls are in bed right now dreaming for the first time, without limits. You broke the mold @HillaryClinton

Am I the only one who just got chills? Regardless of your political stance, it's hard to deny that Clinton's moment is significant, since it's the first time a woman is the presumptive nominee for a major political party in the U.S. That's groundbreaking, and as Perry points out, it's opening the doors for young women everywhere. By emphasizing Clinton's true impact, this is a change of pace from the "Wide Awake" singer's previous endorsements. Not to lessen those moments, but this tweet says far more than an "H" manicure or "Hillary is a badass" t-shirt ever could. Don't get me wrong, I loved those #ImWithHer fashion statements, but this is a straight-up statement and resonates beyond her wardrobe.

Based on Perry's previous posts, she knows firsthand how Clinton can influence the next generation. Back in October, the star took over the candidate's Instagram page and shared the most adorable photo of her niece coloring in a picture of HRC. Perry captioned the snapshot, "I'm here in Iowa, but meanwhile back at home, my niece… #itrunsinthefamily." How sweet is that? Beyond just being a cute family moment, it's a powerful display of today's politics influencing even the youngest of Americans.

All in all, Perry's unwavering support of Clinton is awesome to see. Especially since she says Clinton "broke the mold," which is something the singer knows how to do firsthand. Over the course of her career, she's continued to "Roar" and stand out. I mean, just look at the lyrics of "Firework." So really, what better person to support Hillz than another woman who isn't shy about standing up for herself? By the way, it's not too late to make KP her VP — just saying.