'The Walking Dead' Season 7 Premiere Is Just As Brutal In Lego Form — VIDEO

Like many fans of the show, I don't think I'm alone when I say that I've only just recovered from the brutal Season 7 premiere of The Walking Dead. From start to finish, that episode was a non-stop, blood-spattered, gleefully sadistic nightmare, and though I totally loved every second of it (that's OK, right?), I've only managed to pick my jaw up off the floor now. And so, of course someone decided to remake this harrowing moment out of Legos — and suffice to say, everything is definitely not awesome. Warning: Spoilers ahead. Lovingly created by YouTube user Kristo499, the Lego remake of Glenn and Abraham's murder scene is completely genius and horrifying in equal measures.

What's most impressive about the Lego remake of The Walking Dead scene (apart from the obvious fact that someone has dedicated so much time and talent to it) is how spot-on all of the characters look and emote throughout. Lego Negan looks every bit as smug, malicious, and terrifying as his human counterpart and the rest of the zombie swerving heroes look just as ill, emotional and fearful in Lego as they did in the show. Every tiny detail (including fantastically the lighting of the episode and specific camera angles) has been wonderfully replicated in full. And like, yeah, my jaw has totally dropped back to the floor again.

kristo499 on YouTube

And sweet mercy, guys — I never thought I'd see the day where a Lego animation could be anything less than feel-good. I honestly always just assumed that Lego would always easily translate over into any existing story line as being a quaint, feel-good portrayal of it.

There was even part of me that saw that someone had replicated this scene out of Lego and thought, Oh good, maybe this will soften the blow of all that horror. But I was so wrong, folks. So very wrong. Because as this video ultimately proves, there are some life moments which simply cannot be softened by the fun, smile-inducing good times of Lego. No, ma'am.

Thankfully, through the power of dark humor, the Lego replication of the scene is actually also pretty hilarious (even if it's still completely horrific). When Glenn is reduced to nothing but a pair of tiny eyes on top of a pile of red sludge? I'm sorry, but I totally cackled. And you know what? It felt pretty damn cathartic to do so.


While there were many people who thought that this particular Walking Dead episode finally went too far in its gleeful and relentless portrayal of gratuitous violence, I'd have to beg to differ. The objectionable scenes in question were difficult to watch, sure, but they were also perfectly fitting for the premise and overall content of a show with merciless horror at its core.

Whether you're for or against the brutality of the scenes in question, there's no denying that they've already become instantly iconic — and that's something which is certainly worthy of being immortalized in Lego.

Images: Kristo499/YouTube; Giphy