What Does Your Favorite Halloween DCOM Say About You? These Disney Classics Reveal Quite A Bit

Your jack-o'-lanterns are carved and Halloween costumes have been picked out, so all that's left to do now is watch your favorite Halloween DCOM. (Or "Disney Channel Original Movie," for any newbies out there.) Whether you daydream about visiting Halloweentown or still have nightmares about the mummy from Under Wraps, you definitely have a favorite Halloween DCOM. Disney excels at making gently spooky films that stick with viewers forever. It doesn't matter how old you get or how many new DCOMs come out, once you find your favorite, it will be your fave for life.

And no, it is not just because Marnie is a total life hero or you are still in awe of Kat Dennings' Scream Team performance. Your favorite Halloween DCOM says way more about you than you may realize. Each movie taps into its own set of tricks and treats. Some DCOMs are scare-fests, while others are more comedic — it only makes sense that the one you love the most connects with you on a deeper level.

Over the years, Disney has made more than a dozen Halloween DCOMs, some celebrating the holiday and some just indulging in spookiness. But regardless, each one of them is someone's absolute can't-miss favorite. Find your favorite spooky DCOM below and be prepared to be amazed by just how revealing your pick actually is.

Under Wraps

You truly see the good in everyone. Just like the kids in Under Wraps, you don't judge people by the first impression they make. You believe in second chances and true love. If you met a mummy, you would definitely call him Harold and try to teach him about the modern world, that's just the kind of person you are.



Halloween is more than a holiday for you — it is a way of life. You love all things spooky and strange. There is an excellent chance you have an artistic side, and even if you aren't into making art, you have a major appreciation for it. Every single day is an opportunity for adventure as far as you are concerned, and you like it that way.

Can Of Worms

It is not at all uncommon for you to feel a bit out of place, especially in social situations. Mike's desire to find a place to fit in is one you can relate to, but the truth is, you fit in beautifully on Earth. Your unique way of looking at the world makes you a problem solver and a reliable friend.

Don't Look Under The Bed

Your imagination can be your greatest ally and worst enemy. There is no limit to what to your creativity can help you achieve, but the downside is there is also no limit to just how much a horror movie can freak you out. Life is all about finding the perfect balance between using your vivid imagination for good and keeping it from keeping you up all night.

Mom's Got A Date With A Vampire

Family is everything to you and there is nothing you would not do to protect those you love, including stopping a vampire from taking your mom as his bride. As much as you love your family, you also have a wicked sense of humor too. There are few things more precious to you in life than a good laugh.

Phantom Of The Megaplex

Naturally inquisitive and deeply committed to solving as many fictional mysteries as possible, you enjoy a good whodunnit. You have a sharp mind and an excellent eye for details. You never forget a birthday and you have no trouble sussing out which one of your co-workers ate your yogurt out of the fridge.

Halloweentown II: Kalabar's Revenge

You are fluent in the language of pop culture. When Halloweentown II paid homage to the classic horror movies of the '50s you cheered. There's nothing you appreciate more than a dash of meta in an already amazing story, and you make sure to slip as many clever references to film and TV into your daily conversations as possible.

The Scream Team

You are the most sensitive member of your friend's group. Your warm spirit is the first thing your friends and family mention about you. While you enjoy spooky stories as much as the next person, you prefer them to have ties to real emotions.

Halloweentown High

No one is more committed to keeping peace than you. Just like Marnie, you believe there is no difference so great it has to divide people forever. Your resilient spirit and desire to bring people together make you an absolute joy to be around.


You are a naturally bubbly person. People are constantly asking you how you stay positive all the time, but it's just your nature. You approach Halloween just like you approach everything else — with a smile and a bucket full of candy.

Return To Halloweentown

Learning is your favorite thing in the whole world. If Hogwarts was a real place, you would have signed up because you genuinely want to know everything there is to know about the world. Your smarts and eagerness to seek out new knowledge makes you a delight at dinner parties.

Twitches Too

OK, so you have definitely dressed as a princess for the last decades worth of Halloweens, but so what? You love fairy tales. You know real life is totally lacking in the magical castles department, but you have always been a dreamer. It's your dreams that make you who you are.

Girl Vs. Monster

Nothing scares you. Your confidence is the stuff of legend. Whether you are setting the trends or you are rocking a completely unexpected Halloween outfit, you know exactly who you are and make no apologies for it.

See? I told you your favorite Halloween DCOM was revealing. Now go watch your fave before your candy stash runs out.

Images: Disney Channel; Giphy; disneymoviesandfacts/Tumblr; dcomgifs/Tumblr (11)