Amy Schumer & Her Boyfriend Took Their 'Stranger Things' Costumes To The Next Level — PHOTOS

Considering that I knew everyone and their mother was going as the Stranger Things characters for Halloween this year, I refrained from doing the same, even though it was my original intention to dress as my tiny paranormal hero, Eleven. *Labored sigh* Despite the costumes' popularity, though, one particular comedian decided that it wasn't going to stop her from repping the show on Halloween. In fact, it was only going to make her commit to the costume that much harder. Case in point, Amy Schumer and her boyfriend did Stranger Things costumes and their Dustin and Eleven looks put all other Stranger Things costumes to shame. Sorry, everyone else. I'm sure you made a concerted effort, but it's true.

How did they make their costumes stand out among the rest? Well, first of all, Schumer and Ben Hanisch made the inspired idea to gender swap their outfits. Schumer dressed as Dustin and Hanisch dressed as a bloodied and Eggo-hungry Eleven, which added an extra "oomph" to their versions of the characters, in my humble opinion. But, it was really their execution and dedication to embodying the '80s tweens that solidified the stars as the Dustin and Eleven standouts of this Halloween season. Don't take my word for it, though. Take a gander at the two transformed adults with your own two eyes.

If you think Schumer's wide eyed gaze and Hanisch's stoic stare are good, you haven't even seen the half of it. The subsequent selfie they took proves just how much the two became their characters.

But, it was probably their bike riding skills that made me an Amy-as-Dustin and Ben-as-Eleven believer. After all, what's a true Stranger Things costume without the crew's get-away vehicles?

To make matters even better, the stars just so happened to run into their pal, Barb, who decided to celebrate Halloween (spoiler!) beyond the grave, apparently.

Honestly though, if I had to choose between the couple and decide who really "wore it best" I'd have to go with Hanisch. Not because his costume was inherently better and Schumer's was worse, though. No, it's because during end-of-the-night karaoke, the dude stayed completely in character.

See? These two are Dustin and Eleven. It's not even a contest.