Justin Bieber Explains Why He Walked Off The Stage & No, He's Still Not Sorry

I am of the mind that celebrities don't really owe fans anything... for the most part. For instance, it's a really cool gesture when stars take selfies and sign autographs with fans, but in no way are they obligated to do that. But, when it comes to fans shelling out a pretty penny to get to see their idols perform in concert, there most certainly is a literal debt to be paid. Which brings me to Justin Bieber's letter to his fans after walking off stage in the middle of a recent concert. Because, um, it doesn't seem like Biebs and I see things the same way.

As People relays, Bieber recently wrote a letter to fans explaining why he stormed off the stage at a recent show. But the letter — which Bieber posted on Twitter before deleting — is not an apology, not by a long shot. Biebs may be sorry about a lot of things, but he is not sorry about this. People relays that the letter said,

If we want to talk about respect, though, we should probably talk about condescension first. Somewhere along the line, Biebs mistook himself as the Beliebers' keeper, so to speak. While it's in his right to be annoyed by the constant noise and excitement, it's definitely not his place to punish fans for it, either. Fans aren't inferior to their favorite stars and shouldn't be treated like misbehaving children. Bieber wasn't doing them a favor by performing. He was getting paid to do it and he failed to fully deliver on the service he promised to provide to them. Fans aren't stupid, and they don't appreciate their money being wasted. Bieber owes his fans an apology. After all, the customer is always right.