Kylie's KyMajesty Lip Kit Is Back For Halloween 2016 & It Won't Be Around For Long

Fans who love Halloween and Kylie Jenner in equal measure, brace yourselves: Kylie Cosmetics is bringing back the KyMajesty Lip Kit in honor of Halloween, and the coveted shade is only going to be around for 24 hours. Just when you thought this news couldn't get better, there's more: According to The Kylie Jenner website, the KyMajesty kit will be free, included with any $40 purchase made from midnight PST until midnight on Oct 31.

KyMajesty is a black metallic liquid lipstick that, like all of her other Lip Kits, sold out quickly the first time around. Since black metallic is basically synonymous with Halloween, it makes sense that Kylie Cosmetics would choose to release the shade during this, the most ghastly and spooky of all 24-hour periods.

Jenner first tweeted about the offer, which led her fans to her website. In order to get the information about KyMajesty, you've got to be a subscriber to her site — however, it looks like once midnight PST hits, the promotion will be available to anyone who makes at least $40 purchase on Kylie Cosmetics. Given the fact that each Lip Kit is $29, this is a pretty killer deal. Here's what Kylie tweeted:

Here's a look at the KyMajesty Lip Kit on King Kylie herself, in case you forgot or totally missed it the first time around:

Sure, you might not get it in time for Halloween, but this surprise from Kylie makes the waiting worth it — plus, given the fact that it's getting colder, a black metallic lipstick could be a major part of your arsenal well past Halloween.

Images: KylieCosmetics/Instagram