New 'Gilmore Girls' Revival Spoilers From EW PopFest Explain Why Rory Is Trying To Find Herself & Her Underwear

As the Gilmore Girls: A Year In The Life premiere date edges closer, fans have been given the gift of the official trailer dropping on the internet for multiple replays and much analysis. But alas, Gilmore loyalists will have to wait it out until the new episodes are live on Netflix on Nov. 25 for the complete story. Luckily, new Gilmore Girls revival spoilers were revealed at Entertainment Weekly 's PopFest in Los Angeles on Oct. 29. According to EW, the exclusive clips shown to festivalgoers included scenes with Luke, Emily, and Rory, and the ones with the youngest Gilmore woman were especially revealing. Rory was shown settling back in her old Stars Hollow room, proving that even the youngest Gilmore can move home again.

The Gilmore event included appearances by show creator Amy Sherman-Palladino and executive producer Daniel Palladino, who discussed the highly-anticipated four 90-minute movies that will continue the beloved series. One of the clips shown at the event sees Rory and Lorelai moving the younger Gilmore back into her old room in Stars Hollow after she's lived in Brooklyn for a bit. "Lena Dunham’s just going to have to get along without me," Rory remarks, according to EW, referencing the actor's Brooklyn-set HBO series Girls. The clip shows her searching for her "lucky outfit" among her moving boxes, as well as her underwear. "I think any outfit you wear without underwear is going to be a lucky outfit," Lorelai quips, according to EW. (And that seems to explain Rory's "no underwear" remark to Jess in the official trailer.)

As fans know from the trailer, Rory is jobless and a bit of a nomad in the revival series. Perhaps life in Brooklyn didn't work out for her and maybe she's in a bit of a career transition, but it's nice that she can find her way back home. Even while attending Yale, Rory seemed to return to Stars Hollow anytime she needed encouragement, a reminder of who she is, and, you know, to have a load of laundry done. Her journalism career may have stalled, but judging by past episodes, Rory going back home in the revival will get her back on track. She's also not alone in moving home. According to a study by the Pew Research Center, 32.1 percent of adults ages 18-34 lived at home with their parents by 2014. So Rory really is just like all of us.

Elder Gilmore Emily is also in a bit of a transition herself during the revival, apparently. According to EW, the Gilmore matriarch was also featured in some preview clips, in which she grills Luke about having a will ("If you go first, and your affairs aren’t in order, it all comes crashing down on my daughter’s head"), and she misses late husband Richard (played by the late Edward Herrmann). "Ed looms large. He loomed large in life, and he looms large over these episodes," Amy Sherman-Palladino said during the event, according to EW.

EW and Netflix hasn't put the official clips up for online consumption quite yet, but just knowing they exist gives fans so much to look forward to.

Images: Saeed Adyani (2)/Netflix