Paula’s Song On 'Crazy Ex-Girlfriend' Opens Up About The Cost Of Dreams Deferred & Why She Deserves The Spotlight

If there's one theme that's been made abundantly clear in Season 2 of Crazy Ex-Girlfriend, it's that many of our fave characters are trying to create healthier boundaries with the people they love. Take the Season 2 version of Paula, who has a friendship contract with Rebecca and is now applying to law school. On the second episode of the season, she made it known to both her hubby and her bestie that she is taking a serious step back from being the wingman in everyone's lives. Instead, Paula is making a concerted effort to give her own dreams their due diligence. Not only did this happen in upholding that friendship contract (which stated that she didn't want to know the intimate details of Rebecca's antics), but in her big Disney-fied solo, "Maybe This Dream."

"Maybe This Dream" was a classic Disney princess throwback number in its style, but is actually talking about some very serious issues. After asking Rebecca for a letter of recommendation, Paula can feel herself closing in on achieving her dream of going to law school. After revealing in the song that she has often found herself disappointed by metaphorical closed doors, she begins to wonder whether this is her time to shine. She cites numerous examples of ways life has disappointed her. Whether it's a disastrous wedding day or her very, very bad experiences whilst jogging, Paula is no stranger to drawing the short straw. Yeah, Paula's had some doozies in her life; law school is her shining beacon of hope. Law school is the dream that could work out, assuming everything else in her life stays the same (I dare say it will).

In Season 1, Paula slavishly aided Rebecca's quest to reconnect with Josh. Watching Paula put everything in her life on hold to thanklessly make someone else's dream come true really makes you feel for her. "Maybe This Dream" makes it clear that Paul does deserve the spotlight (finally) after years of feeling short-changed by the random twists of fate. She's been unprepared or unable to make her dreams come true until now. But with her creating boundaries, she totally deserves to have this dream succeed. Law school is Paula's way of reclaiming her destiny and finally doing something that she finds fulfilling, not fulfilling for other people.

Needless to say, I'm nervous. This kind of wistfulness about possible wish fulfillment is begging for trouble. Paula's been put through the wringer already, so why do I have a sinking feeling that this dream of law school is still on the chopping block? I really hope that Paula's attempts to create clear and healthy boundaries with herself, Rebecca, and her loved ones works. Watching her give so much of herself for the success of a friend is energy that she deserves to channel back into herself. It really is Paula's time to shine.

Image: Scott Everett White/The CW (2)