The 'iCarly' Cast Has A Mini Halloween Reunion & Their Costumes Prove They're Still Partners In Crime — PHOTOS

I am honestly not sure what I love more — Halloween, or reunions between cast members of beloved shows that have gone off air. Actually, what am I saying? I love both equally. While I am not often treated to those worlds colliding, two actors made it happen for me this weekend, and it was fantastic. Brace yourselves, Nickelodeon fans of yore. Miranda Cosgrove and Jeanette McCurdy had a mini iCarly reunion for Halloween. And that's not even the best part, not by a long shot.

What is the best part then? Listen, it's Halloween, so I like to add a little thrill and suspense — it only feels right. But I'm also not into torturing people, so I won't hold out on you any longer. As Just Jared relays, Cosgrove and McCurdy dressed up as the Scooby Doo gang with their friends Ryan Adames, Colton Tran, and Ryan McCartan. I know, I know, it's almost too good to be true. But, it isn't, because Cosgrove got decked out in a Daphne costume and McCurdy nerded it up as Velma, proving, that the two are always playing polar opposite duos that inevitably attract as partners in crime and friends. It's just sort of meant to be at this point, I suppose.

Not only do the former cast mates look super cute in their Halloween duds, but they've totally got their characters' personalities and rapport with one another on lock. In fact, it's making me hope for a real iCarly reunion to see the ladies in action together once again.

Cosgrove and McCurdy play off each other so well, and this costume is merely a reminder of all that a reunion episode could bring. Or, you know, if I'm being ambitious, an iCarly revival series. Just throwing it out there. It kind of looks like the stars were putting that out into the universe, too, what with their dynamic duo costuming decision and all. Let's make it happen, OK?