J.K. Rowling Loves These Harry Potter Costumes

October may not be over yet, but it's too late to win Halloween — because these J.K. Rowling approved Harry Potter costumes have already taken home the grand prize. Witchcraft and wizardry is kind of J.K.'s specialty, so if your Halloween costume passes her expert test, then you know you've got a winner on your hands. Early on Halloween morning, Rowling found herself stuck at a foggy airport, and decided to scroll through the many pictures in her mentions of Harry Potter Halloween costumes, and even retweeted a lucky few. Is this the Muggle equivalent of getting your Hogwarts letter?

The pictures that caught J.K.'s attention included some wonderfully creative costumes, some fantastic looking Hogwarts decorations, and some seriously impressive pumpkin carvings. Partygoers this year had dressed up as everyone from Hermione to Umbridge; one even dressed up as queen of our hearts J.K. Rowling herself. Carving a pair of round glasses into a pumpkin will always give you a classic Harry Potter — but some people took it to extremes by creating full-on works of art. And you'll get a bad case of FOMO looking at some of these pictures; one group of Potterheads threw a Chamber of Secrets themed party in what looks like a haunted dungeon.

Here are some of the absolute best Harry Potter Halloween parties that were thrown this year — and they've all got the J.K. stamp of approval.

Even Ed Sheeran got in on the magic, by dressing up as his doppelganger Ron Weasley.

All of these deserve an O for outstanding!