National Sandwich Day Deals That Will Help You Properly Celebrate This Glorious Holiday

When you're a sandwich girl, every day is National Sandwich Appreciation Day. But, if you don't spend your days praising the ghost of John Montagu, 4th Earl of Sandwich — he was, allegedly, the first guy to enclose a meal between two pieces of bread — you might need some suggestions for how to celebration National Sandwich day, and, maybe more importantly, how you can get your paws on some National Sandwich Day deals to make the most of this Nov. 3 holiday.

But, OK, maybe you need some convincing. You might be thinking, "Does a sandwich really deserve a holiday?" And listen, I get where you're coming from, every day it seems like a new national holiday pops up on the calendar and it can be hard to keep up with them all. Like, maybe we don't need a National Plum Pudding Day. And hey, maybe National Gazpacho Day is a little niche. We totally have a few things on the calendar that make you rightfully scratch your head. But, here's why you should celebrate National Sandwich Day: sandwiches are revolutionary! They literally change the way we eat and allow us to have a full, well-rounded meal without being chained to a table and hunched over a plate.


I mean, seriously, as Mr. Montagu pointed out, putting your proteins and greens between two pieces of bread, allows you to take your meal with you anywhere. Sandwiches allow us to eat on the go anywhere we are: while working, while walking to train in the morning (because you didn't have time to find matching socks let alone sit down and eat your breakfast sandwich at the table, of course), or even in the middle the night when you remember you have half a sandwich waiting for you somewhere...


You can take sandwiches on hikes, to the cafeteria, on a picnic blanket — they are a meal savior and I'll be darned if they don't deserve their own holiday.


So, that in mind, here's where to celebrate:


Rather than running a discount deal, Potbelly is holding a social media competition. On Nov. 3, order yourself your favorite Potbelly sandwich and post a picture of it on Instagram with these tags: #NationalSandwichDay and #PBEntry, along with the tag, @PotbellySandwichShop. After 24 hours, Potbelly will be going through the tags to find the post with the most likes. If it's your picture, you get a whole year of free sandwiches and will be named the Social Sandwich Celebrity.

Red, Hot & Blue

Join their rewards club online by signing up, (it only takes a minute) and get yourself a juicy, hot pulled pork sammy for $3 on Nov. 3, at participating locations.


Download the restaurant's app to sign up for a chance to will a full year of free nine inch subs. Winners will be selected at random and will be notified through the app of their prizes.


Joe Raedle/Getty Images News/Getty Images

On Thursday, the official National Sandwich Day, Subway is doing something really freakin' cool. If you buy any sub and any drink on Nov. 3, you will get a free sub of equal or lesser value, and Subway will donate one meal to Feeding America, an amazing organization that brings healthy meals to families who don't have the means.

Penn Station

The home of some ace Philly cheesesteak sandwiches is offering a rare buy one get one deal this year. All you have to do is buy one sandwich, and you get another sandwich of equal or lesser value for free. Date night anyone?


Order any medium-sized sandwich on the menu and get another medium sized sandwich for free. Use this opportunity to try out one of their new hand-crafted sandwiches with seasonally fresh ingredients. Or buy one and save one for later.

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