15 WOC Beauty Bloggers To Follow For Amazing Makeup Tips

Learning the right techniques to nail makeup looks can be a chore for anyone who isn't a seasoned pro. For brown beauties, the problem is exacerbated when products that cater to WOC are few and far between. Luckily, YouTube offers some of the best vloggers for WOC to follow, so there's no reason you can't have the sharpest contour or the glitziest eyelids in the neighborhood.

The internet is packed with so many beauty tips and tricks that turning to social media for your makeup woes is pretty standard these days, not to mention, much needed. Cue up a beauty guru's videos and you can instantly have your own private makeup lesson in your bathroom. From product reviews to full step-by-step tutorials, beauty influencers help the makeup challenged master every glam, natural, and wild look under the sun. Giving any one of the dozens of top beauty bloggers a follow is guaranteed to step up your makeup game. For women of color, there's nothing like tuning in to study someone with a similar complexion.

Although the list of well-known gurus tend to leave out many popular women of color artists, these 15 vloggers are a must-follow if you're a brown girl in serious need of beauty advice.

1. Makeupbydenise

MakeupbyDenise on YouTube

This beauty should be your go-to for product breakdowns and reviews. Plus, Makeupbydenise's beauty routine videos will have you hooked on her channel.

2. Ellaire

Ellarie on YouTube

Atlanta based MUA Ellaire is a top WOC influencer for a reason. From colored smoky eyes to impeccable ombré lips tutorials, Ellaire does it all. You'll also catch her 3-year-old daughter featured in videos to up the cute factor on her channel.

3. Msroshposh

msroshposh on YouTube

Rashcelle Smith, known famously as Msroshposh on her social media has one of the best glowing facades. Girlfriend definitely knows a thing or two about the best highlighters.

4. Beautybylee

BeautybyLee on YouTube

Makeup Artist Lee's YouTube channel isn't just your destination for ultra glam makeup looks, but her hair tutorials show WOC how to get natural curls of perfection.

5. Makeupshayla

Makeupshayla on YouTube

If you haven't subscribed to Makeupshayla, you're missing out. Her collaborations with top brands and stunning makeup skills make her a force to be reckoned with in the beauty industry. Be sure to watch her skin care videos too because this brown babe looks even more flawless without makeup.

6. Alissa Ashley

Alissa Ashley on YouTube

There isn't a look that Alissa Ashley hasn't nailed. This guru isn't afraid to push the limits with bright color, loads of glitter, and the blingiest highlighters.

7. MakeupD0LL

makeupD0LL on YouTube

When it comes to Makeupd0ll's YouTube, you either go full glam or go home. She's known for her stellar makeup, but her channel is chock full of hair and skin tutorials too.

8. Cydbee

Cydnee Black on YouTube

Once you stumble upon Cydnee Black's page, you won't be able to turn her videos off. Her eye-catching beauty combined with her stellar looks will have you addicted to her videos.

9. Katkarmalust

KatKarmaLust on YouTube

Makeup artist Trevani is one of the more daring WOC bloggers. Be prepared to step out of your comfort zone if you follow along with her tutorials because she's no stranger to bright shadows.

10. Nitraa B

Nitraa B on YouTube

Makeup hauls, hair tutorials, home decor tours, and more can be expected on vlogger Nitraa B's channel. But her neutral looks and affordable makeup suggestions are what make her super worthy of subscribers.

11. MakeupbyJJ

Jennie Jenkins on YouTube

All hail the queen of sultry smokey eyes. MUA Jennie Jenkins will make you envious of her makeup talents, but her tutorials guarantee that you'll be able to get her divine look.

12. Alyssa Forever


Alyssa Forever's YouTube is equal parts makeup inspo, hair advice, and everyday lifestyle vlogs, so there's nothing you won't be able to learn from this WOC YouTuber.

13. Itsmyrayeraye

ItsMyRayeRaye on YouTube

From Rihanna inspired makeup to Dollar Tree makeup slays, MUA Raye likely has a video that'll grrab your attention. Her impeccable makeup skills should not be ignored.

14. Savannah Sylver

Savannah Sylver on YouTube

This WOC will give you so much life, it's not even funny. Savannah Sylver's makeup tutorials are so damn glam it hurts. Seriously, hit the "subscribe" button ASAP!

15. Patricia Bright

Patricia Bright on YouTube

London based blogger Patricia Bright is your one stop shop for fashion, beauty, and hair advice. Get ready with her in the morning and there's no way you won't be a bombshell.

With a handful of amazing WOC beauty gurus on your subscription list, you'll be serving face like the pros.

Image: beautybylee/YouTube