12 Lazy Girl Beauty Hacks

by Annie Crawford

It's totally OK to admit that contouring and winged eyeliner are not part of your makeup routine. There are plenty of beauty hacks for lazy girls that will make you look just as fab as those pros who spend a good part of their day putting their face on. It's not that you need makeup, it's just that getting glam can be fun sometimes. Who doesn't love to look fabulous? You're down to wear makeup and engage in some pretty princess pampering, but the sheer effort involved in a standard beauty routine means lip gloss gets glossed over and concealer remains hidden at the bottom of your makeup bag. Because, honestly, it's only fun without all the effort — where are the beauty tips and tricks that don't involve hard work?

Next time you realize you only have five minutes to get ready for work, or would rather spend your free time eating dinner than getting ready for a night out, employ some strategy. Just slip in one or two of these easy makeup hacks and enjoy the ease of your beauty. These 12 beauty hacks were made especially for you, you lovely, lazy girls.

How To Have A Fabulous Face, Fast!

1. If you're usually pouty: Use a lip crayon

These are so easy-peasy to apply. You really don't even need a mirror. Opt for a bright coral or purple to herald in spring. No need for other makeup, even. Look out morning bus, here comes your new one-step beauty routine!

Jane Iredale PlayOn Lip Crayon, $18,

2. If you rarely sleep a wink: Apply a brightening liner

Try a beige or white brightening pen along the waterline to create the illusion that you slept at home last night.

Inner Rim Brightener - Final Touch, $9,

3. If you let your eyes do the talking: Black mascara is your best friend

It makes everything better and transforms your face from tired and sleepy to bright and cheery.

Maybelline Great Lash - Blackest Black, $4,

4. If you're accident prone: Use a playing card to apply eyeliner

Use an old playing card (or your drivers license will work too) as a protective barrier between your upper eyelid and your mascara wand. Lazy girls who only apply one beauty product can't be bothered to clean up the mess. This will save you from looking like Lady Gaga after a four hour concert.

5. If you have jungle brows: Tame them with clear mascara

If you're not a makeup gal, but you're sick of having Groucho Marx brows, swipe on two coats of clear mascara so your beautiful brows hold their shape.

Maybelline Clear Mascara for Lash and Brow, $4,

6. If you don't even have time for an at home facial: Sheet mask

Sheet masks are so easy to use and they're the next best thing to getting a professional facial.

Innisfree It's Real Facial Mask Sheet (15 pcs), $18,

How To Have Happy Hair With No Fuss

7. If you lack styling skills: Place two braids in damp hair

Just add some mousse or creme, braid, then off to slumber. Wake up to soft morning waves.

8. If you're too lazy to get your roots done: Rescue your roots

Lazy ladies don't like spending three hours in a salon. Save time (and dough) by trying a 10 minute root rescue that works wonders and staves off your next salon appointment. Just call and confirm with your stylist what shade or number to get so you don't look all crazy.

L'Oreal Root Rescue, $7,

9. If you want easy glamour: Try the World's Best Curling Trick

This one is a game changer. Put your hair in a high pony tail, section into 2-4 parts (depending on hair thickness), and then curl each section. Wait for hair to cool, then take out pony. Voila! You'll have easy, beachy waves that take under three minutes.

10. If your hair is disobedient: Work with your weakness

Maybe your greatest strength is your hair you are too dang lazy to fix. Working these simple hair styles that don't require hair ties means you can conquer anything. When all else fails, a top knot is your friend.

How To Have Sandal-Ready Feet In A Flash

11. If you have haggard toes: Scrub them back to life

This is so simple. It takes all of 6 seconds per foot. If that. Each time you shower, use a mini brush to lightly scrub over the tops of your toenail beds. The motion, water, and tool lift away funky peeling skin and broken cuticles. If you're too lazy to buy a tool, just use a toothbrush! You may never need a pedicure again.

B oar Bristle Body Brush, $7,

12. If you have flaky feet: Get deep moisture

After you shower at night, rub some coconut oil, intensive cream, or foot lotion all over your poor, battered soles. Slide on some socks and get snoozing. Your feet will be ready for sun worship in no time.

AHAVA Sea Mud Intensive Foot Cream, $26,

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