How To Celebrate Daylight Savings Time Ending In Fall 2016

Ah, Daylight Savings Time. As we all know, DST occurs when we set our clocks either forward or backwards and salvage or bemoan the time difference. However, there are still plenty of fun ways to celebrate Daylight Savings Time ending this fall. And don't forget — in 2016, Daylight Savings Time ends on Nov. 6 at 2 a.m. local time, and it means that your clocks will jump "backwards" one hour. So, yes, this is the sacred time of year where we actually gain an hour's worth of sleep. Precious, precious sleep. For most of us, this update happens automatically per our phone and other digital operating systems, but it's always good to double check all your clocks right before you go to bed the evening before, so you don't arrive at work an hour early or something (unless you want to hang out in your workplace alone and savor the silence, of course).

For most of us, we're starting to really see the full signs of fall. Shorter days, longer evenings, chillier temperatures — it's officially sweater weather for most of the country, and many of us are looking forward to Thanksgiving and the holidays. While celebrating Daylight Savings Time doesn't get a ton of attention, the holiday deserves a little recognition and can be just as fun as anything else. So, here are some ways to celebrate Daylight Savings Time because, why not?

1. Sleep In


Yes, treat yourself to the ultimate gift: extra sleep. Getting enough sleep is so important for your physical and mental health, so don't skimp on it!

2. Make Yourself A Nice Breakfast


If you get up early anyway, make yourself a nice breakfast or stop by your favorite cafe before the line hits.

3. Do Yoga In The Morning


If you're up early and want to get active, do a nice yoga session. You can check out a local studio, or use a podcast or YouTube video in your own living room.

4. Update Your Calendar


There's no better time than the present to get organized, especially with the holidays coming up. If you find yourself up and not sure what to do with your extra time, break out your favorite planner and get writing!

5. Go Watch The Sunrise


This depends a bit on your location and what time you normally get up, of course, but if at all possible, grab some hot coffee and a blanket and go watch the sunrise in nature! This can make for a super romantic morning date, to boot.

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