This 'Pretty Little Liars' Halloween Costume Throwback Is Hilarious & Bittersweet — PHOTO

Halloween's on a Monday this year, which unfortunately means that most of us have to spend the holiday working. The Pretty Little Liars cast understands our pain; in a throwback Halloween Instagram Troian Bellisario posted on October 31, the Pretty Little Liars star revealed that the cast typically has had to work on Halloween:

It looks like they were still able to have plenty of Halloween fun, even though they were on the job. The photo shows the main cast of Pretty Little Liars —Bellisario, Lucy Hale, Shay Mitchell, and Sasha Pieterse alongside members of the crew, who are also dressed as the cast of Pretty Little Liars. While the actresses are pretty simply dressed, the others have gone all-out in full prep-school garb. Two guys are hilariously dressed up in blonde wigs and prison orange; as Bellisario mentioned, the photo was when Hanna was in jail. This suggests that the picture was taken in 2013 or 2014 when they were filming Season 5.

While the picture is hilarious, it's also a little sad that the cast wasn't able to continue their Halloween tradition this year. The show finished filming its final season on October 26th after seven seasons of intrigue, murder, and betrayal. It's understandably been a pretty emotional time for the show's stars. Bellisario has admitted to crying, and the girls all got matching tattoos to keep the memory alive. Not unexpectedly, the wrap party looked stylish and amazing.

While the show is often dark, and not everyone always gets along, it looks like the Pretty Little Liars set was a pretty fun place to be, whether you were one of its stars or working behind the scenes. There can sometimes be hierarchies on the set of movies and television shows, so it's nice to see that everyone on set got along and had so much fun together. While it must be a bittersweet Halloween for the Pretty Little Liars cast and crew, at least fans still have the rest of Season 7 to look forward to in April.