Stars Hollow Is More Inclusive These Days & We Here's The Footage To Prove It — VIDEO

It’s about time. Almost 10 years after the last time snow was seen in Stars Hollow, the first look at every Gilmore Girls fan’s favorite fictional town decked out for the holidays is finally here. In a clip posted to Twitter on Monday, the Gilmore Girls revival gave fans a first look at what Stars Hollow looks like all dressed up for winter. Covered in snow and holiday decorations, there is a lot to point out about this brief clip. For one, all of the cars are far more modern (to be expected) and all of the roads are covered in snow (again, expected). But one of the things that may surprise and delight fans of the show is that Stars Hollow is looking a lot more inclusive these days, and I’m happy to report that they’re showing it in the way that they decorate this year.

Of course Stars Hollow has always been an idyllic representation of an American town, but idyllic hasn’t always meant realistic. While some viewers have complained that the town was filled with predominantly (if not sometimes entirely) white people — the rare exception being the Kims, of course — it looks like the modern-day Stars Hollow is being a bit more considerate of other cultures.

I mean, just look at that townscape. While I’m sure there’s a Christmas tree somewhere in the town square, from what I can see in this brief clip, there is barely a Christmas decoration in sight. I guess if you count the red bows and candy canes hanging from the garlands across the street, that might read as Christmas-y. But everything else seems to be more winter-themed than Christmas. There are snowflakes and white lights, sure, but no obnoxious statues of Rudolph anywhere to be seen. In fact, the closest the town comes to acknowledging any religion whatsoever is the rather sizable and centered menorah and Star of David hanging from the storefronts.

I have to say, I like this newer, more inclusive version of Stars Hollow. I’m hoping that, as future clips and the four episodes are released, we see more instances of this fictional Connecticut town better representing the viewers who love it so much.

Image: Warner Bros. Pictures