Everything You Need To Know About The 'GG' Revival

Now that Netflix has given the world an official date for the Gilmore Girls: A Year in the Life premiere (November 25), it is time to get serious about keeping your Gilmore Girls revival facts straight. The past few months have brought with them a deluge of Gilmore Girls news. From wedding teases to surprise guests stars to a last minute return of Sookie, keeping up with who is coming back and doing what is almost impossible. While you could brew yourself enough hot coffee to make even Lorelai's eyebrows raise as you sort through all the cast announcements, spoilers, and teases, you could also just sit back and let me do the heavy lifting for you.

From the confirmed return of old school favorite locations like Chilton to the guest stars you may have forgotten will be stopping by Stars Hollow, I have condensed all the need to know information into one handy dandy list. I'm not Rory levels organized, but I think even she would appreciate having all the Stars Hollow scoop in one place. Prepare to be primed for the most highly anticipated revival of the decade — sorry every other returning show — because it is time to pack your bags for Stars Hollow.

1. Luke & Lorelai Are Still Not Married

While Luke and Lorelai are still together, the star crossed couple have not gotten married (yet). No, I don't know what is taking them so long either.

2. Rory Is Experiencing Some Career Hiccups

Despite hitting the campaign trail with future President Barack Obama, it appears Rory's journalistic ambitions have not led to a steady career. Just like many other millennials, Rory is still struggling to make her career dreams a reality.

3. The Scene In The Teaser Won't Be in The Revival

Sadly, Lorelai and Rory won't be having their delightful Amy Schumer conversation in the actual show. The crafty Amy Sherman-Palladino created the scene specifically to be used in the premiere date announcement.

4. Richard's Death Will Touch Everyone's Journey

The loss of Richard is not something any of the Gilmores will move on from easily. Richard's death will touch Emily, Lorelai, and Rory's lives in unexpected ways and shape the year the revival is set to cover.

5. The Entire Primary Cast Is Back

From Jess to Taylor and Sookie, the entire primary cast (plus the Life and Death Brigade, Francie, Jason, and Logan's dad) is back. All of Stars Hollow came out for the revival, which is a big indicator of just how important the show is to everyone involved.

6. There Will Be A Wedding...

Someone is getting married in the revival, unless the production team went to great lengths to confuse spoiler hungry fans. Now, the question of who is getting married remains a mystery.

7. And A Musical

Stars Hollow's history is going to be given the musical treatment, with Sutton Foster guest starring as one of the actresses who brings the story to life.

8. Jess Will Be In Three Episodes

Milo Ventimiglia has confirmed Jess will return for three out of the four movie-length episodes. However, he has been maddeningly tight lipped about Jess' love life.

9. Rory Is Single When The Story Starts...

All three of Rory's exes will be returning in some capacity, but she will not be dating any of them at the start of the story. Instead, you can expect Rory to be out in the dating world as she figures her life out.

10. But She Will End Up With One Of Her Exes

Again, unless Sherman-Palladino is playing the long game, Rory will end up with either Logan or Jess by the end of the revival. I believe this with my whole heart. Poor Dean has been eliminated by default, due to Jared Padalecki only being able to return for one day of filming thanks to his busy Supernatural schedule.

11. Michel's Backstory Will Be Explored

After all these years, Michel is finally getting a backstory.

12. The Show Is Returning To Chilton

Rory will be returning to her old high school, Chilton, but the reason for her visit is unknown. There is some speculation Rory is now a teacher, or there could be a reunion, since it looks like Paris could be there as well. You will just have to wait until November to discover the real reason Chilton is making a return appearance.

13. The Life & Death Brigade Will Play An Important Role

The Life and Death Brigade boys are back, and they appear to play an important role in the revival. Their return could mean Rory will revisit her old college days, when she spent many nights partying with Logan and his rich, adventurous friends.

14. Alex Kingston Will Guest Star

Kevin Winter/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Kingston announced that she has a multi-episode role in the revival playing an "eccentric" character who may have close ties to Rory's story. Interestingly, Kingston noted her scenes were all filmed on location, leading to speculation about just where her character will show up.

15. There Will Be A Ton Of Cameos

Lauren Graham's other famous onscreen daughter Mae Whitman will have a cameo in the revival. Other notable cameos include Foster and her Bunheads' co-stars Stacey Oristano and Bailey De Young.

16. Paris & Doyle Will Likely Still Be Going Strong

In completely delightful news, Paris and Doyle are both back, and, while it has not been completely confirmed that they are still together, some spoilers point to the duo having two kids. Commence squeeing now.

17. The Revival Will Visit A Commune

There will be a visit to a hippie commune in someone's future, and, if you don't want it to be Emily's, I don't understand you as a person.

18. April Is Dropping By

Luke's daughter is not going to mysteriously disappear. An all grownup April will be visiting her dad, and hopefully the Gilmore ladies too.

19. Paul Anka Is Still Alive

Lorelai's beloved dog Paul Anka is returning for the revival, and he will be as weird as ever, with any luck.

20. The Gilmores Are Dominating Black Friday

Forget Black Friday shopping, the Gilmore Girls revival is hitting Netflix on November 25. You might as well forget about braving any crowds. You will be way too busy sobbing over Richard and laughing at all the fresh pop culture banter.

21. The Final Four Words Will Be Said

Those mythical final four words will still close out the series, just like Sherman-Palladino always intended.

22. The First Scene Is In The Gazebo

The first episode, "Winter," opens with a conversation between Rory and Lorelai at the gazebo in the town square.

23. Rory & Lorelai Are Still BFFs

Some things never change.

All four episodes of Gilmore Girls: A Year in the Life premiere November 25 on Netflix. I'll see you there.

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