Which Books Did Natalie Babbitt Write?

Fans of Natalie Babbitt's beloved children's books are saddened to hear that the author passed away at the age of 84. The author is most well-known for Tuck Everlasting, the timeless story of 11-year-old Winnie Foster that inspired both a movie and a broadway musical — but what other books has Natalie Babbitt written? The author has been writing and illustrating children's novels since 1966, writing a total of 19 books, and illustrating 16, nine of which were authored by Valerie Worth and six of which were her own. Among the most notorious of Babbitt's works remains, of course, Tuck Everlasting, published in 1977 — but the author wrote prolifically throughout her career.

Here are the children's titles that Babbit authored, in chronological order. The bold indicates which titles she also self-illustrated.

Babbitt also illustrated ten other works ranging from 1996 to 2002.