7 World Vegan Day Facts That Might Inspire You To Eat Green

Yes, there is a holiday between Halloween and Thanksgiving — it's just something that meat-lovers might not openly choose to celebrate. World Vegan Day falls on Nov. 1, a day know for honoring those who abstain from consuming and associating with animal products. After first being celebrated back in 1994, World Vegan Day has become an annual tradition. Those who identify as being vegan often celebrate with exhibits and celebrations, and those who are interested in adopting the lifestyle may use the day as their first opportunity to explore something new. (The first of any month is typically a pretty amazing day to start up a new habit — so, why not?)

While vegans and vegetarians have a lot in common, there are still plenty of differences between the two lifestyles. Vegetarian diets are void of animal protein, vegans rid their diet of both animal products and dairy products, as they're still animal byproducts. Vegans avoid cheeses, eggs, and anything made with gelatin. (And strangely enough, a lot of things are made with gelatin.) This diet is adopted for quite a few reasons — not only has it been hailed as being a healthy option and a good way to lose weight, but it's a good way to help stand with animals who are often farmed and abused.

National Vegan Day is an incredible time to learn more about veganism. To get you started, here are a few interesting facts about the holiday, and why it's celebrated.

1. National Vegan Day Was Created By A Woman Named Louise Wallis


Wallis always felt at home with animals, which is why she decided to embrace a vegan diet. Based on her endless commitment, she became President of the World Vegan Society in the early '90s. When she's not being amazing with animals, she's being amazing on the dance floor, as she's also a popular DJ who performs under the name Luminous.

2. About Five Percent Of The World Is Vegetarian, And Out Of Those, Half Identify As Vegan


Based on a Vegetarian Resource Group study, five percent of people claimed that they don't eat meat of any kid. Vegetarianism and veganism have also seen a rise in popularity based on celebrity influence, and dietary suggestion.

3. Speaking Of Celebrities, Many Of Them Have Embraced Veganism


Miley Cyrus, Ellen Page, Jessica Chastain, Ariana Grande, Ellen DeGeneres, and Sia are just a few of the many celebrities who identify as being vegan. Peter Dinklage has actually been eating a vegetarian diet since childhood, and rumor has it that he switched over to a vegan diet as an adult. Surely they'll all be celebrating National Vegan Day!

4. November Is Also Known As World Vegan Month


While Nov. 1 is the official day, the World Vegan Society celebrates all month. This year marks the 22nd annual celebration of World Vegan Month, which is quite a big deal.

5. This Nov. 1, The Vegan Society Will Be Launching Their Own Podcast


Not only will the podcast reach a lot of fellow vegans, but it'll be a great resource for news and interviews. They definitely chose an amazing day to launch (and an easy day to remember, as well.)

6. Those Who Follow A Vegan Diet Have Been Shown To Have A Lower Cancer Rate


Cancer stinks, and the fact that we still haven't found a cure is even more upsetting. While it can be tough to avoid the disease completely if you're genetically predisposed to it, according to The Huffington Post, those who eat a vegan diet have a bit of a stronger shield against it. Pretty cool, huh?

7. One Vegan Meal Is Capable Of Saving 2,500 Gallons Of Water

It sounds crazy (and perhaps even unbelievable) but it's actually true. According to Earthsave.org, it takes 2,500 gallons of water to produce one pound of beef. Take away that pound, and what do you have? A whole lot of water that you didn't have before.

Images: Giphy (7), Bryan Burgos/Unsplash