Can M'gann Be Trusted On 'Supergirl'? The Martian Is Keeping A Big Secret

Who saw that coming? Hank's new Martian friend on Supergirl is not exactly who she says she is. While fans of DC comics already know that M'gann is a White Martian on Supergirl , the characters of the CW series are unaware of her true identity — which makes her motivations on Earth suspicious. Can Miss Martian be trusted?

While it at first appeared that Miss Martian did not want to psychically link with Hank due to her involvement with Roulette's alien Fight Club, but there was more to her initial deception. She is a member of the race of Martians who committed genocide on J'onn J'onzz's people. Is she hiding anything else?

M'gann told a story about being imprisoned with her family in an internment camp on Mars, and escaping with the help of a turncoat guard. The details were specific, and J'onn bought her story — which makes it even sadder that he trusted someone who was hiding a secret that large. However, I think it's clear that the White Martian in her story is actually her. She was the guard at the internment camp who refused to continue torturing Green Martians, and helped some of the prisoners escaped. That raises another important question. Did anyone else come to Earth with her?

Because of her story, and her unwillingness to take kill J'onn in the ring, M'gann is most likely a good guy. She is also possibly ashamed of who she is. Notice that she presented herself to Roulette and the Fight Club as a Green Martian, not her true form. Hopefully, she won't keep this secret for much longer, and hopefully she has a good reason for her privacy. Supergirl does a good job fleshing out its characters and their various motivations. When it comes to Miss Martian, this is just another layer to uncover.

Image: Diyah Perah/The CW