Rose Keeps Killing Rafael's Relatives On 'JTV'

While it would be a major understatement to say that Rafael didn't have the best relationship with his biological mother and half brother, that doesn't mean he's going to be OK with the fact that his stepmother allegedly murdered them. Luisa confessed that Rose killed both Elena and Derek on Jane the Virgin during "Chapter 47." Although the series showed Elena — aka Mutter — dying in her prison cell, I'm skeptical that Rafael's relatives are 100 percent dead (this is Jane the Virgin after all) Yet, no matter if Derek and Elena somehow manage to be alive later in the series, Luisa was absolutely right to be torn about continuing her relationship with Rose — aka Sin Rostro — and she did the right thing by telling her half brother the truth — as long as it wasn't all a part of Rose's plan.

Since the Season 3 premiere, Rose and Luisa have been in a submarine circling around the Great Barrier Reef. Although Luisa clearly loves her stepmother (weirdest sentence ever), she wasn't sure if she could be in a relationship with her considering that Rose had killed her and Rafael's father. When she found Rose's kill list (as in the list of everyone she has ever killed), Luisa discovered both Rafael's mom and brother on there. She returned to Miami and confessed everything to Rafael and Michael and said that she had broken up with Rose.

Rose had told Luisa to go back to Miami and tell the cops everything, so whether or not they are truly broken up is yet to be seen, as the narrator noted, and the series also didn't show how Derek died. But once Luisa told them that Elena had been killed, Michael had someone check on Mutter in her prison cell, where she writhing on the floor in pain and pushing a Bible, while saying, "My son." What's in the Bible that the crime lord is so desperate for someone to see? And which son was Mutter referring to — the supposedly dead Derek or Rafael?

Since Rose ended up being Susanna all last season, I'm obviously suspicious of what's actually going on here. Mutter was a rival of Sin Rostro's, so Rose having Elena killed isn't surprising. But I do think that Derek may still be alive. As for how Rafael's going to react, there is obviously no love lost when it comes to him and these blood relatives, but Rose is now responsible for murdering his father, mother, and brother (oh, yeah, and she stole his baby too). Not only will this impact his relationship with Luisa, but he should be even more dedicated to finding Sin Rostro.

Lucky for Rafael (well, as lucky as you can get when your family keeps being murdered), Michael is on a similar mission, so Jane's men should unite to bring down Rose. Let's just hope that Luisa isn't acting as Rose's pawn and this isn't part of a sinister plan. Rose had told Luisa that she was finished with crime, but can you really ever believe a person who is a master of disguise and deception? All I'm saying is that Michael better get his hands on Mutter's Bible to help solve these mysteries.

Images: Scott Everett White (2), Tyler Golden/The CW