Don't Mess With The 'Little Women: Dallas' Cast

by Laura Rosenfeld

Giddy-up! There's a new Little Women: LA spinoff in town, and this time we're heading down to the Lone Star State for some Texas-sized drama. Little Women: Dallas premieres on Wednesday, Nov. 2 at 10 p.m. ET on Lifetime, and it promises to be one helluva season. That's all because of the Little Women: Dallas cast of course since it's filled with women who will bring confidence, strong personalities, and intriguing backgrounds to the show.

With three other cities already under the Little Women umbrella, you might think it'd be difficult to continuously find women who bring unique stories and points-of-view to the table. However, Lifetime has done it again with Little Women: Dallas.

But not all of the six cast members of the show will be completely new to Little Women fans. There are also some familiar faces mixed in who will have to figure out how to start anew in Dallas while also staying true to themselves and their existing friendships.

Get to know the full Little Women: Dallas cast below, and you'll soon see why this franchise will be unlike any that have come before it.

Amanda Loy

Amanda is pretty badass. After bodybuilding for five years, she's now one of the first little people bodybuilders to receive top marks in average-size competitions, according to her bio on Lifetime's website. Amanda also describes herself as an "adrenaline junkie" in the trailer for Season 1 of Little Women: Dallas . Although she seems absolutely fearless, Amanda still has her demons, her show bio says. How could you not want to know more about her now?

Asta Young

Asta is described by her castmates as the clown of the group in the trailer for this season of Little Women: Dallas. Well, Asta does like to dress up in her free time, not as a clown, but doing cosplay in the convention circuit, according to her show bio. She has a strong social media following, thanks to her incredibly detailed outfits. Asta celebrated her first wedding anniversary with her husband Ty, who is average size, in June, according to her Instagram profile. She and Ty work at a popular Dallas bar, but they hope to own an establishment of their own one day. We'll have to wait and see if that dream comes true this season of Little Women: Dallas.

Bri Barlup

If Bri looks familiar to you, she totally should. She was a cast member on Little Women: Atlanta for the first two seasons. Bri moved to Texas to be with her bestie and one-half of their Left Cheek-Right Cheek performance duo, Emily Fernandez (more on her later). She and Emily may be reunited in Dallas, but as far as the trailer for this season goes, it doesn't look like Emily is as keen on resuming their act. But Bri, who has a son, also wants to expand her family, her show bio says, so it sounds like she has a lot on her plate regardless.

Caylea Woodbury

It looks like Caylea is single and ready to mingle in the trailer for Little Women: Dallas. With such a cool personal style that she's rocking, who wouldn't want to strike up a conversation with her? Caylea originally hails from New Hampshire, and she's the youngest member of the Little Women: Dallas cast, her bio on Lifetime's website says. In Texas, she makes a living as a go-go dancer who go-goes by the name Lil' Twerk. But it seems like Caylea's dark past will also come out on Little Women: Dallas, which includes the admission that she once had suicidal thoughts, as shown in the trailer for this season.

Emily Fernandez

Emily moved back home to Texas during the last season of Little Women: Atlanta to be with her family after she lost her son JJ in August when he encountered multiple complications following his birth in April. But with the love of her daughter Eva and boyfriend Lontel helping her get through that difficult time, Emily is now ready to move on this season of Little Women: Dallas, which may mean some changes in her friendship with Bri.

Tiffani Chance

Some of Tiffani's castmates may be the life of the party, but she's now thinking about settling down with her high school sweetheart, much to her friends' chagrin. As a recent cosmetology school graduate, Tiffani is also focused on her career.

However, it looks like whatever the ladies of Little Women: Dallas will be doing this season, it'll always be a party whenever they're around.

Images: Zach Dilgard/Lifetime (6)