8 Book-Inspired Socks For The Winter Months

Once the weather turns colder, it’s finally time to put away summer sundresses and break out cozy sweaters and jackets. I love switching out my wardrobe, even though bulky winter clothes take out much more space in the closet, because it means that I finally get to wear soft knits and large sweaters and infinity scarves galore. Of course, I can't wait to add some bookish socks for winter to my wardrobe.

Seriously, who can resist a great pair of soft, fuzzy socks, perfect for sliding around in on cold, snowy days? Scarves, sweaters, and even mittens are great, but they have nothing on socks. Dobby knows that a great pair of (Harry Potter) socks can change your life — and hey, even Dumbledore professed his love for a solid pair of woolen socks. You can never have too many.

Not only are socks wonderful, but they also come in a variety of amazing designs. Why settle for boring white socks, when you can get a pair with an eye-grabbing design? The best pairs are the ones inspired by books, because socks and books are the secret perfect pairing. Here are some of my favorite book-inspired socks, to keep your feet warm as you read by a fire this winter.

1. Bring Me My Book Socks

Bring Me My Book Socks, $12, Etsy

These socks are perfect for book-lovers who just want to sit and read. No matter what your favorite novel is, these socks make it clear that the book is the thing.

2. Sherlock Holmes Socks

Sherlock Socks, $10, Out of Print

It doesn't take much sleuthing to notice that these socks are perfect for Holmes fans. They feature the silhouette of your favorite detective, and they pair well with a cold winter evening and a great mystery novel.

3. Alice And The Caterpillar Socks

Alice & The Caterpillar Socks, $12, Plasticland

Featuring original illustrations from Alice's Adventures in Wonderland , these socks will transport you to the world of Wonderland. They'll keep your toes toasty when you are reading childhood favorites on a snowy winter night.

4. Jane Austen Socks

Jane Austen Socks, $8, The Sock Drawer

If you have any sense and sensibility, you'll recognize that these Jane Austen-inspired socks are bewitching to both the body and soul. Featuring an Austen quote ("I declare after all there is no enjoyment like reading") and the silhouette of Jane herself, these go well with any of her six novels, a cup of tea, and brisk weather.

5. Bard Act To Follow Socks

Shakespeare-Inspired Socks, $10, Modcloth

Maybe Shakespeare never actually used the phrase "thou art the bomb," but if you're a fan of the bard, you can probably imagine him saying something along those lines.

6. Bookworm Socks

Bookworm Socks, $12, Online Science Mall

Let everyone know that you are a total bookworm with these colorful knee socks. They will keep you warm throughout the winter AND inspire you to live up to the name by acquiring even more books. Because you can never have too many books (and socks), right?

7. Hogwarts Knee Socks

Hogwarts Knee Socks, $9, Hot Topic

Dobby would love these Hogwarts knee socks featuring the school crest. Slip these on and pretend you're in the Gryffindor common room, reading a magical book by the crackling fire on a chilly winter evening.

8. Hobbit Feet Socks

Hobbit Feet Socks, $8, Amazon

With these socks, you can actually transform your human feet into hobbit feet. They're warm AND enchanting, and they pair perfectly with a Tolkien book and plenty of food.

Image: Instagram/mybookbath (1)