How Much Is Glossier's Black Tie Set? The Four-Piece Collection Is Worth Every Cent — PHOTOS

If you are a makeupista, you are likely presented with a #ByeMoney moment on a daily basis. You maybe even deal with multiple #ByeMoney moments or hours. From Kylie Cosmetics free shipping to all these too cute holiday beauty collections, the cosmetics industry has a magnetic pull for your wallet. Glossier's Black Tie Holiday Set, like all Glossier drops, will have you reaching for your credit card... stat. How much is the four-piece set, which features three brand new products and one previously existing (and beloved) item in a never-before-released shade?

The Glossier Black Tie Set costs $50. Since there are four pieces in the set, each item averages out to approximately $13 a piece. What do you get for 50 bucks?

You get a whole lot of awesome, that's what! Glossier's makeup products have proven to be minimal but wholly effective. They are meant to spotlight healthy, fresh, and clean skin. Glossier makeup enhances what you've already got, rather than covering or masking natural beauty.

Let's go under the hood of the limited edition Glossier Black Tie Set, which was produced in limited quantities and will only be available through the end of the year while supplies last, according to the Glossier site. This range is so worth the time and the spend.

The set includes the No. 1 Pencil in Graphite. It's a soft, black eyeliner with a touch of sheen and which borrows its moniker from pencil lead. The creamy gel formula will glide across eyes and lids, so you won't end up tugging or pulling the delicate skin in the region.

There set also includes a pink-tinted lip gloss that goes on clear and packs powerful shine with a single swipe. No glitter. No stickiness. Just shine. If you are a fan of the Glossier Generation G matte lipsticks, which moisturize like a balm yet wear like a stain, you have to be super stoked to try this gloss. I know I am.

The third and final brand new product is the #glossierpink nail polish. The name says it all. Glossier is all about that powder puff pink hue when it comes to the brand's aesthetic and imaging. So it was only a matter of time before it did a nail lacquer in the signature, recognizable Glossier pink hue.

The set also includes a Haloscope highlighter in Moonstone. The 'Scopes launched earlier this year, offering dewy glow with a dose of moisture. This is a new shade, but it has of the same Haloscope superpowers.

Since Glossier is all about details, the Black Tie Set features a black satin bow, which can be recycled fabulously. Tie it in your hair or wrap it around your neck or wrist and BOOM! It's an instant accessory. That bow, though.

Head over to the Glossier site, which is the brand's sales platform, to nab your Black Tie Set before it sells out. It arrives on Tuesday, Nov. 1. Kudos to Glossier for entering the eyeliner, lip gloss, and nail polish space with this new set.

Images: Courtesy of Glossier (5); Glossier/Instagram (1)