Pornhub's Movember Initiative Wants To Raise Money & Awareness For Men's Health Issues, Because Not Talking About Them Can Be Deadly

Movember 2016 is here, and along with it all of the amazing fundraising that happens for The Movember Foundation. Though I can't say I enjoy the horrific facial hair, I do love the giving element — which is why I was so excited to hear that Pornhub teamed up with The Movember Foundation to fight testicular cancer. And they've made a hilarious testicular cancer PSA to go along with it, so you can join their team, which they're hoping will be the largest in the world, and start raising money. Even better, Pornhub will match every dollar raised up to $50,000.

"Our Movember initiative will raise money to support research not only for testicular cancer, but prostate cancer as well as men’s mental health and suicide prevention initiatives," Pornhub VP Corey Price tells Bustle. "That being said, testicular cancer is something we take very seriously at Pornhub and something have an inclination to lend a hand towards. Testicular cancer is the most common cancer among males between the ages of 14 and 35. Yet, if detected early through self-examinations, can be treated and cured. Through this initiative we hope to spur conversation around this disease and encourage guys to perform self-examinations."

Unlike some other diseases, testicular cancer is commonly found in younger men. In fact, most men are between 15 and 40 when diagnosed — but the good news is that there is a survival rate of 95 percent when detected early. So what can you do? Well, doctors recommend monthly checks of your testicles so you can find anything abnormal early.

Want to know more about testing? Check out the pretty SFW— though also pretty weird to watch at work because there's a woman in a bathtub with testicle bracelets — PSA.

Here are the best moments:

I told you, testicle bracelets for days. But did you know that only 25 percent of men check themselves? Janice Griffith is here with the facts.

And now we've got a wine glass of peanuts. But it makes sense — she's explaining how to feel for lumps or swelling.

And two big soccer balls— because you need to love both your balls equally.

It's soap! Now I get it, the testicles are soap! It's all making sense now.

Janice is so desperate to get you to to "check yourself before you wreck yourself" that she'll put her head through a wall. So take the time and check.

I think it's great that they're encouraging openness in a health area we are sometimes shy about discussing. "I’m sure plenty of men have felt a weird pain in their testicles or seen something on their penis that just didn’t look right but were too scared to bring it up and flag it with their doctors," Price tells Bustle. "The consequences of not talking about your penis and testicles can prove deadly. Here at Pornhub, we understand some people’s hesitancy and want to institute some sort of comfortability in speaking about these serious issues that are often swept under the rug for fear of embarrassment. Through our initiatives we hope more and more men start a conversation about their health and, ultimately, can detect an issue before it’s too late."

Images: Pornhub