25 Bizarrely Popular Gifts For Parents Trending On Amazon

My parents might just be the coolest people I know. Granted, this is coming from a girl who knits and listens almost exclusively to dead musicians, but both my mom and my dad are ridiculously funny, understanding, and down to earth. That being said, bizarre but brilliant trending items still serve their purpose as gifts for parents because as cool as parents are, they’re not always up-to-date on the latest technology and trends. Prime example: My mother just switched from a flip phone to an iPhone about five months ago, and she just stopped leaving ten-minute accidental voicemails on my phone last month.

Whether you’re searching for genius gift ideas for your mom or unique presents for your dad — no matter what kind of parent you’ve got — no resource is better than Amazon’s trending items page. Not only does it show bumps in sales over the past 24 hours, but it allows you to break it down based on specific category. You can also check out products' recent reviews, in order to gauge items' latest popularity levels. That means whether your parents are into cooking, traveling, home improvement, technology, or convenience, you’ve got all your bases covered for an incredibly smart gift, even if it seems weird or random at first glance.

1. This Voice-Activated Smart Speaker That's Like A Butler

Echo Dot, $50, Amazon

Because your parents prefer speech to text functions anyway, this genius little Echo Dot is voice-activated to play your music, check the weather, record your to-do lists, and can even be synced up to your lights, fans, thermostats, and speakers.

2. This Pillow That Holds Your Books Up

Hog Wild Peeramid Bookrest, $21, Amazon

The avid reader will adore this weird but effective Hog Wild 'Peeramid' bookrest, which gives you the best hands-free reading angle for both your books and tablets.

3. A Security Camera That Syncs Up To Your Phone

NexGadget Security Mini IP Camera, $35, Amazon

For parents who love to keep an eye on things, this NexGadget security mini IP camera has a clear and thorough view, a built-in motion sensor, and syncs up to your phone or laptop, so you can check in anywhere in the world.

4. This Microwave-To-Erase Smart Notebook For The Doodler

Rocketbook Wave Smart Notebook , $27,

This innovative notebook works like a regular one (as far as the pen-to-paper doodling), except that after you're done, you can send the sketch straight to your smartphone or other device using the Cloud. Simply microwave the notebook to erase.

5. This Wrap Pillow With Tons Of Support

Trtl Soft Neck Support Travel Pillow, $30, Amazon

Definitely not your average travel pillow, the Trtl soft neck support travel pillow wraps around your neck to hold it in the most comfortable ergonomic position during rest.

6. Keep Your Stirrers From Melting

ThinkHat The Snug Utensil Clips (6 piece), $26, Amazon

If Mom or Dad can't stand losing their stirring tools in their soup — or resting them messily on the counter, then these utensil clips are going to be a game changer. Save the space a spoon rest would take up with the dishwasher-safe devices.

7. Appease Everyone’s Charging Needs When They're Home

Jelly Comb Rapid-Charging Hub, $16, Amazon

Ideal for any desk or gathering room (like the kitchen), this Jelly Comb rapid-charging hub has six different ports and a sleek design, so anyone and everyone can charge their devices.

8. Improve Any Smartphone’s Camera Tenfold

AUKEY Ora iPhone Lens, $16, Amazon

This AUKEY Ora iPhone lens turns any smartphone into a high-quality camera with its macro lens and translucent hood that controls focus, light, and stability — and it just clips right on.

9. Make Food Prep A Breeze With This Specific (But Useful) Tool

KitchenAid Spiralizer, $85, Amazon

If your parents love to entertain, the KitchenAid Spiralizer will save them tons of time while prepping. Peel potatoes, prep apples for pies, and make zucchini noodles all in one simple motion.

10. If Your Parents Drink Coffee At A Snail’s Pace

Desktop USB Mug Warmer, $15, Amazon

Specifically for slow drinkers, this adorable little desktop USB mug warmer plugs right into your computer’s USB to keep your coffee or tea warm all day long.

11. This Pill-Shaped Bluetooth Speaker

DKnight Big MagicBox Bluetooth Speaker, $50, Amazon

This weird cylindrical DKnight Big MagicBox bluetooth speaker is actually a No. one best seller because it’s lightweight, super loud, really clear, entirely wireless, and has up to 12 hours of playback time.

12. This Bizarre And Natural Cleanser

Glycolic Acid Exfoliating Cleanser, $17, Amazon

An awesome cleanser for Mom, best selling glycolic acid exfoliating cleanser has a great (but weird) natural blend of rosehip, willow bark, and tea tree to leave her skin soft, exfoliated, and glowing.

13. Make Hand-Cranked Espresso Anywhere

MiniPresso GR Espresso Maker, $60, Amazon

Cappuccino addict in your family? The MiniPresso GR espresso maker lets you make fresh and delicious espresso anywhere without any batteries or electricity.

14. A Spice Rack For The Chemistry Lover

Chemist's Spice Rack, $37, Amazon

People are loving this nerdy little chemist's spice rack, which includes the names of the elements on test tubes and flasks.

15. Virtual Reality From The Comfort Of Your Home

HooToo 3D VR Headset, $20, Amazon

A number one new release, the HooToo 3D VR headset lets you slide in almost any smartphone to enjoy virtual reality movies and games for a great price.

16. This Cute Alarm Clock Does It All

iHome Bluetooth Color Changing Alarm Clock, $50, Amazon

Not only is this iHome Bluetooth color changing alarm clock a tiny speaker, but it displays the time, plays the radio, allows for hands free calls, has a USB charging port, and changes colors.

17. Get Over 2000 Channels Without Cable

Roku Streaming Player, $35, Amazon

If your parents are tired of cable, the Roku streaming player is trending like crazy because it allows for more than 2,000 entertainment channels in HD quality. Set-up is easy, and it’s got awesome search functions.

18. A Lunchbox And A Placemat All In One

Smart Neoprene Lunch Box, $18, Amazon

For work or picnicking, the Solvetta smart neoprene lunch box keeps things cold (or hot) for hours, and its innovative design unzips and flattens to form an easy-to-clean placemat.

19. This Intimidating But Effective Knife Set

Premium Class Stainless-Steel Kitchen Knife Set, $40, Amazon

Perhaps this Premium Class stainless steel kitchen knife set is so intimidating because of its transparent knife block, but the 12 different blades are extremely effective and fit for a professional.

20. Because The Basil Shouldn’t Die In Two Week Intervals

Eva Solo Self-Watering Herb Pot, $49, Amazon

If your parents really wish they had green thumbs (but actually don’t), this Eva Solo self-watering herb pot pretty much grows itself by drawing water from a nylon wick in the base.

21. This Adorable Up-Themed Scrapbook

T-HAOHUA Our Adventure Book, $34, Amazon

If your mom’s a scrapbooker, people are flipping over this T-HAOHUA 'Our Adventure Book'; it takes Pixar’s Up theme to give you this durable hardcover book, which you can fill with your wedding, vacation, or family memories.

22. For The Cats And Cat Lovers Of The World

Cat Bed Cave, $66, Amazon

Cats and cat-lovers are obsessed with this Cat Bed Cave, which is handcrafted with 100 percent wool, and is comfortable, warm, and sleek-looking.

23. Make Fresh Coffee Without Electricity

Bodum Pour-Over Coffee Maker, $36, Amazon

If your parents are campers, travelers, or just trying to cut down on their carbon footprint, the Bodum Pour-Over coffee maker has a built-in filter that allows you to make fresh, delicious coffee without any electricity.

24. Play Your Tunes Even If Your Car Is Pre-2000

TaoTronics Bluetooth Receiver, $14, Amazon

If you’ve got a device that isn’t Bluetooth friendly (like an older car), this TaoTronics Bluetooth Receiver allows you to receive calls and sync all of your phone’s music up to the stereo system regardless.

25. This Salty Luxury For The Family Foodie

Emile Henry Salt Pig, $40, Amazon

This Emile Henry Salt Pig is trending like crazy because it’s made from high fired Burgundy clay, it keeps your salt dry and clean, and the wide mouth allows for easy measuring and pinching.

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