The 'Fuller House' Season 2 Trailer Won't Make D.J. & Steve Fans Very Happy, But There's Hope

In Season 1 of Fuller House, D.J. Tanner was caught in a love triangle you wouldn't wish upon your worst enemy. With her high school sweetheart, Steve, back for more and the handsome new guy at work, Matt, vying for her heart, D.J. ultimately had to choose between the two The Bachelor-style. However, after realizing the time she needed to find herself, D.J. decided to go with neither — until now. In the Fuller House Season 2 trailer, the mother of three is seen finally announcing which one of the guys she'd like to date, but it doesn't end well. Can D.J. still end up with Steve?

Unfortunately, the trailer quickly reveals that, in the time it took D.J. to make her decision, both Matt and Steve now have girlfriends. While that fact really comes as no surprise (I mean, those men can get just about any girl they want), D.J.'s life is quickly becoming what Kimmy Gibbler describes as a "Lifetime movie in the making." Considering the fact that Steve's doesn't appear in the rest of the trailer, his fight for D.J.'s heart may have finally come to an end. Excuse me while I sob.

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Sadly, the odds of Matt swooping in to romance D.J. actually seems higher than a D.J. and Steve rekindled romance. Despite both men briefly declaring that they're taken, Matt does seem to consistantly pop up throughout the course of the new trailer — in more scenes than one. Matt can be spotted in the scene where Danny Tanner comes to visit, he's seen getting closer with D.J.'s kids at the 1:27 mark, and he's even briefly seen hugging D.J. for New Year's Eve at the 1:39 mark. Sorry, Steve fans.

However, if Steve's love for D.J. hasn't completely faded — like it didn't in Season 1 — this may not be the end after all. Their time apart doesn't in any way have to last forever. In fact, it would be really funny to see the tables turn in their already drama-filled relationship. This season, D.J. could be the one trying to get Steve's attention. Plus, both Matt and Steve are slated to appear in the Season 2 finale. So, wishful thinking or not, I'm not ready to say goodbye to first love. The dream could very well remain alive. We'll just have to wait and see.

Fuller House Season 2 premieres on Netflix Friday, December 9.

Images: Michael Yarish/Netflix; Giphy