This Guy Dressed As Roofies For Halloween & Apparently Doesn't Understand How Many Different Kinds Of Wrong That Is

Every Halloween comes with a fresh load of offensive costumes. Racist costumes. Insensitive costumes. Sexist costumes. Sadly, you’re used to it. But just when you thought nothing could surprise you any more, a costume unprecedentedly awful turns up: A man dressed as Rohypnol for Halloween. Yes, Rohypnol, also known “roofies,” the drug of choice for people who like to drug other people and sexually assault them.

This shining gem of humanity was first reported by SB Nation contributor Jim Lohmar, who saw the costume at a bar in Charleston, South Carolina, on Halloween. The man in question is dressed as a prescription bottle, complete with a bottle cap for hat. The very concept of a “roofie Halloween costume” is bad, but take a look at the text on the “bottle” if you really want to feel steam coming out of your ears. The “instructions” take it from “offensive” to “absolutely enraging”:

1. Give 2 tablets to attractive unaware girl.

2. Await drooling, drowsiness, or unconsciousness

3. Take home, bring friends, enjoy show.

On the other side, the costume includes the phrases, “No more than 15 guys per girl” and “No means yes.”

Please excuse me while I go bleach my eyes. And my brain, for good measure.

Lohmar told Jezebel what happened when people started noticing this guy’s “roofie costume” at the bar:

He hovered around the bar for an hour or so before some of my other Facebook friends saw that he was, well, dressed as a bottle of date rape drug. After seeing it on social media, a group of eight or so women friends entered the bar and confronted him. He argued with them for a while before being escorted out. He left without issue and the bar applauded as he did so.

The scary thing is that this dude seemed to think the costume (and presumably the sexual assault and gang rape referenced on it) was funny. A Twitter user told Lohmar, “[B]e sure to update whenever he inevitably says ppl are too uptight and should lighten up about rape.” Sure enough, Lohmar confirmed, “[H]e said that a lot as every woman in here told [him] he was full of sh*t.”

Two other disturbing points about this incredibly disturbing costume choice: First, as people on Twitter have pointed out, this guy clearly spent some time making this outfit, and somehow at no point during the process did he step back and say, “You know, this might be a bad idea.” Second, the expiration date listed on the “bottle” is Halloween of 2013, which suggests that this guy may have been wearing this costume for four years. Eek.

If this guy’s goal in wearing a roofie costume for Halloween was to be scary, I guess you could say he succeeded. Because someone who doesn’t get how wrong this is — or, worse yet, someone who gets it and doesn’t care? That’s terrifying.

Image: Ajale/Pixabay