Dormammu In 'Doctor Strange' Makes The Rest Of Marvel’s Villains Look Pathetic

Doctor Strange is the most powerful hero to ever arrive on the scene in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. With abilities that let him travel across dimensions, mess with time, and alter reality itself, he's one formidable hero. So because of his strength, he needs a villain who is his equal — or even one who is more powerful than he is. Of course, he gets one in Doctor Strange... but it's not Kaecillius. The Dread Dormammu shows up in the film, striking terror in the hearts of all who see him. But who is Dormammu in Doctor Strange?

Simply put, Dormammu is Doctor Strange's most powerful and enduring villain. While Baron Mordo may be Strange's chief human nemesis, he is small potatoes compared to Dormammu. Dormammu could mop the floor with Loki, Ultron, ane even Thanos (at least pre-Infinity Stones Thanos), and he is undoubtedly the strongest villain Marvel has put on screen yet. He's a mystical, immortal energy being; one who's been around for possibly as long as time itself. He lives in another reality known as the Dark Dimension, where he is Lord over its enslaved inhabitants. But he's not content with being confined to just one dimension, and frequently tries to reign his brand of chaos down upon Earth's dimension as well.

So what makes Dormammu such a powerful foe? He is one of the Faltine (the most powerful one, actually), a race of higher-dimensional beings composed of pure energy and born of magic. Seriously, how is anyone supposed to go up against something with a catchy history like that? Since he's entirely made up of mystical energy with no native corporeal form, there's essentially no limit to what Dormammu can do. His power is so vast that he is one of the few villains in Marvel Comics who poses a threat to the entire multiverse, and has showcased the ability to defeat celestial beings. If you think of the Dark Dimension as Hell, then think of Dormammu as the Devil — an all-powerful being of pure malevolence.

Strange and Dormammu first crossed paths very early on in the hero's journeys, back in 1964. The mystical beast was threatening to take over the universe, so the Ancient One, having tangled with him before but now too old to take him on, sent Strange to confront him. The two engaged in a magical battle, which Strange was unable to win due to Dormammu being much more powerful than he is. However, a new threat against Dormammu emerged during the battle, and the two had to work together to defeat it. In exchange for receiving Strange's help, Dormammu vowed to stay away from Earth. He developed a hatred for Strange because of how he needed to rely on his help, and has since continually found new ways to break his promise and mess with Earth.

Dormammu is the most powerful threat to the Marvel Cinematic Universe yet, and Doctor Strange is going to need all the help he can get in dealing with him in future movies.

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