Ruh Roh, Zac Efron Was Attacked in Downtown Los Angeles — REPORT

What time is it? Fist fight time, apparently. Zac Efron may still be a walking High School Musical punchline waiting to happen, but someone took the punch part a little too literally last Sunday. TMZ reports that Efron and his bodyguard were attacked by at least three transients just after midnight in downtown Los Angeles. According to the sources, Efron claimed that he'd thrown a bottle of unidentified liquid out of the window and, when it shattered on the pavement near the group of men, they mistakenly thought he had thrown it at them. In the ensuing combat, two of the men reportedly attacked Efron's bodyguard while another punched Efron in the mouth for trying to intervene.

Ever since his stint in rehab in 2013, Efron's image has been steadily improving and he's been doing well enough that he was able to attend the Oscars without his sober coach in tow. It's becoming more unusual to find a former Disney star who makes it through the rest of his or her career without going to rehab at least once, so I, for one, was never going to hold that over Efron's head. Besides, his upcoming comedy film Neighbors looks like it's going to bring back the Efron we got to know and love from 17 Again. You know, the dude from the surprisingly funny guilty pleasure who was growing smoothly out of his Disney phase. I mean:

Efron reportedly called the punch the "hardest I've ever been hit in my life," but his representative has yet to comment on the story and no arrests have been made. Hopefully, this minor brush with the law isn't the start of a one step forward, two steps back kind of thing.

Image: Zefron-daily/Tumblr