Zac Efron Went To The Oscars Without A Sober Coach, 'Cause He's Doin' Just Fine

Even though reports had said that he needed companion with him at all times to monitor his otherwise unpredictable behavior, Zac Efron did not bring a sober coach to the Oscars! Apparently, he's doin' fine. Earlier, the Internet had been swarming with rumors that he brought a coach to prevent him from the powerful temptations that are drugs and alcohol, but according to a new report from E! News, this is, in fact, not the truth. He's a-okay!

The actor (formerly of the saccharinely sweet confection that was High School Musical, proving that, indeed, Disney quite often does breed a certain brand of risk-taking young adult, although there are the exceptions) had checked into rehab after a bout with drugs and alcohol. Now, he's saying he's doing better than ever before — that he is, in fact, in the " best place he's ever been!" , and that he's indebted to his fans for all the support (XOXO).

Now, Efron's headed to SXSW to promote his new movies Neighbors. He's back to acting, guys! (And also back to being shirtless, 'cause he's Zac Efron, ya know.)

But if there's one thing we learned from all of this? (Sorry, I can't help myself.) We're all in this together — you, me, Zac Efron, his sober coach (who wasn't there), and — of course — the fans.