'The Crown' Has A Multi-Season Plan

The Netflix series chronicling the fictionally dramatized life of Queen Elizabeth II, The Crown , is making waves before it even hits the streaming site on Nov. 4. According to The Telegraph, the 10-episode series is reported to have cost $100 million to make, and its gripping trailer depicts the royal family like never before. There are tensions teased between Elizabeth and her sister Margaret and Elizabeth and her husband Philip, all while she takes on one of the world’s most prestigious roles as a young woman. With so much buzz surrounding the series and decades of fodder for a show about Britain’s longest-serving monarch, Netflix users may already wondering will The Crown return for Season 2?

Yes, Vulture reports that The Crown will get a second season — and likely a third, fourth, fifth, and sixth. The series is reportedly designed to take viewers through all 60 years of Elizabeth's reign in six seasons. IndieWire calls this ambitious project Netflix's "most expensive" series to date. The detailed period drama will presumably cover about a decade of the queen's life per season.

Industry resource The Knowledge reported in June that The Crown Season 2 was already in pre-production, and that filming was likely to begin this autumn. So, a 2017 premiere date for a second season is not far off, and Netflix tends to put a year between its original show seasons — meaning November 2017 could be the premiere date. While you wait, here are other ways to get your fictional Queen Elizabeth fix after you marathon all 10 hours of the first season.

The Queen

Helen Mirren won an Oscar for her portrayal of Queen Elizabeth following Princess Diana's death.

The King's Speech

Learn how Queen Elizabeth's father succeeded his brother as king and overcame personal obstacles in this Oscar-winning film starring Colin Firth.

A Royal Night Out

The fictional film follows a young Elizabeth and Margaret celebrating V-E Day in 1945.

Elizabeth & Elizabeth The Golden Age

Before Elizabeth II, Elizabeth I was the longest reigning British monarch. Get to know the brave woman, and last of the Tudor reign, with these acclaimed films starring Cate Blanchett.

The Young Victoria

Emily Blunt stars as Queen Victoria in this super romantic biopic.


Queen Victoria is also getting the TV treatment. Look for the PBS series in 2017, and it has already premiered in the UK.

There are many ways to keep the royal family on your screen while you wait for The Crown Season 2, so simply take your pick.

Image: Robert Viglasky/Netflix