World Travelers, Your Life Just Got Easier

Reddit can do more than tell you whether or not you’re pregnant — it can also help you prepare for your next international sojourn, thanks to a nifty new invention called VisaMapper. World travelers, rejoice!

Created by redditor udit99, VisaMapper will tell you whether or not you need a visa to visit pretty much any country in the world at the click of a button. All you need to do is tell it what country you’re a citizen of, and its handy-dandy little map will fill in with all the at-a-glance information you need. Inspired by a static map made by another redditor and that particular thread’s top comment, udit99 used the jvectormap plugin to seed the interactive with data for as many countries as (s)he could (as usual, redditors are of indeterminate gender until specified). The site’s output color codes each country: Purple indicates that a visa is required prior to arrival; light green, that a visa is not required prior to arrival; dark green, that visas are available on arrival; yellow, that online application is required; red, that visas are restricted or prohibited; and black, that there might be some missing data. Here’s what it looks like for a U.S. citizen:

Udit99 is aware that the map isn’t complete; as such, feedback is welcome for countries that might be missing data at the moment. (S)he also knows that visas can be a little more complicated than yes or no, so (s)he is looking into ways to incorporate some kind of moderated user content along with each Country-Visa entry. As the Huffington Post notes, you’ll probably still want to check with the State Department to get all the info before you go ahead and jet off into the sunset. Still, it’s an awesome place to start — and also a fun way to waste a little time if you want to find out what the map looks like for, say, someone from North Korea:

Go forth and travel!