Is Evie Meant to Be With Timothy On ’No Tomorrow’? Her Adventures In Non-Monogamy Are Too Relatable

It's been a bit of a bumpy start where Evie and non-monogamy are concerned on No Tomorrow . Suddenly faced with the opportunity to push against socio-normative expectations, Evie has taken to using dating apps like a duck to water in her search to find another Prince Charming (in addition to Xavier). While initially hesitant, Evie took her cues from Xavier, who outwardly gave a big thumbs-up for her pushing her boundaries. Inwardly, he was wrestling with his own pre-conceived notions about non-monogamy, unsure about telling her how he truly felt. To Evie's credit, she gave modern dating the old college try; spurred on by Kareema, she seemed to flourish. What she quickly discovered, though, was that using dating apps is a serious rollercoaster ride and somehow, you can get led to a disappointing place once the ride is over.

Tuesday's episode revealed that Evie is not only a very popular woman on the numerous dating apps she's using, but that not every match she makes is one made in heaven. After a series of very awkward meetings, the modern dating fatigue slowly set in. It seemed that exploring a non-monogamous relationship was a lot more fun on paper than it was in real life. That is, until she got matched on the True Soul Mate app with her ex, mousy tech writer Timothy. Was it a sign that she was really meant to be with him? Or was it just an algorithm mindlessly playing matchmaker?

It turns out that not even a dating app's finely-tuned algorithms can account for real-life chemistry. After dithering about whether to swipe right on the app's suggestion that Timothy was indeed Evie's true soul mate, she decided that she couldn't take a step backwards. Not even the prospect of a dating app pushing her towards her ex would change her feelings for Xavier. Interestingly, her actions here are completely relatable.

Modern dating is a heck of a rabbit hole to fall into these days. Anyone who has used a dating app to find true love knows that Evie's rinse-and-repeat process is eerily familiar. With the myriad dating apps available to us, how is it possible that we'll stumble across our true soul mate with a simple swipe? There's a greater chance that Xavier's apocalypse theory is correct than that ridiculous notion. It's easy to sympathize with Evie, too. She was simply trying to navigate two very new and unfamiliar territories: non-monogamy and using dating apps with aplomb. It's no wonder she got carried away.

In the end, what she did learn is that non-monogamy was definitely not her cup of tea. Xavier finally opened up to her, saying that he "didn't want every possible option" and instead, just wanted her. You could practically feel Evie's joy through the screen. Throwing her phone aside, still buzzing from matches on those pesky dating apps, it became very clear that Evie is comfortable with keeping it traditional — and there's nothing crazy about that.

Image: Jack Rowand, Bettina Strauss/The CW