Hank Finally Met His Internet Girlfriend On 'No Tomorrow' & Made A Huge Discovery

At long last, all of our weirdly romantic prayers for a No Tomorrow couple have been answered. It looks like Deirdre and Hank are actually getting serious and I couldn't be happier that this is happening. Deirdre and Hank both march to the beat of their own respective drums, but trust me when I tell you that these two lovebirds are going to make sweet music together. Cheesy? Yes. But adorable? Totally. Their happy ending was not without some obstacles, as we learned on Tuesday night's episode.

You see, up until this revelatory episode, Hank has been keeping his distance from Deirdre. Not only is their relationship verboten because Deirdre is Hank's boss, but Deirdre's weird advances left Hank feeling more than a little put off. Even with Evie helping her to soften her flirting down to a more palatable level, Deirdre's intensity left Hank running for the exit. It wasn't until she took the opportunity to profess her crush — mostly conveyed with a mightily sexy whisper in Hank's ear — that Hank's nervousness turned to a feeling of being so stirred he didn't know how to handle it. When Hank revealed that he had an internet girlfriend, I was genuinely wondering whether Deirdre had dug her own grave and Hank had permanently rebuffed her. It turns out that that magical whisper was the key to Hank realizing his own feelings for Deirdre.

Hank finally met his internet girlfriend after a very Mr. Robot-esque fashion (a cellphone in a manila folder under a mailbox with a codename? Yeah, that happened). While this mystery girl turned out to be a sweet, intelligent, relatively normal young woman, it became evident to Hank very quickly that this mystery girl was not Deirdre. While were instantly at ease with each other, discussing their shared loved of government surveillance conspiracy theories, Hank knew something was missing. After asking her to reveal her name in a whisper, he found himself not reacting as passionately as he had reacted when Deirdre had done the same thing. Coupled with a first kiss devoid of any kind of spark, the evidence was plain as day: Hank was truly smitten with Deirdre.

The cuteness was in total overload when, upon making this major realization, Hank turned up at the Cybermart office and offered Deirdre a bouquet of Post-It flowers and a declaration of his true feelings. Arguably, Hank's gesture was more romantic than when Xavier surprised Evie with birthday cakes for each of her future birthdays. Deirdre was overjoyed by Hank's surprise declaration. With that, a truly unusual flirting period came to an end and a new romance took its place.

Hank and Deirdre are going to have a bumpy road ahead of them as they navigate the odd dynamic of a boss-employee romance, but it's going to be ridiculously adorable watching them do so.

Image: Jack Rowand, Diyah Pera/The CW